Presenter Amanda Lamb is persuading fans to try this divisive interior trend – do you love or loathe it?

For faux or against?

Faux flowers are a bit like Marmite, you either love or hate them. However, Presenter Amanda Lamb revealed that she has recently become a convert to the home accessory and is urging others to give them a go.

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Amanda Lamb has been feeding our home TV show addition since 2001 when she started presenting a Place in the Sun. Since then she has gone on to present 'You Deserve This House' and 'Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb'. It just takes one look at her Instagram account, filled with stunning photos of Amanda Lamb's home to know she has a great eye for interiors. So when she claimed she had recently been converted to faux flowers we took note.

Posting photos of flowers around her home on Instagram the former A Place in the Sun presenter wrote: 'Never been a fan of fake/faux flowers until recently. They always reminded me of funeral parlours and my Nan's manky old pot-pourri ( that at the time of her demise was about 30 years old).'

'I'm pleased to announce I've been converted,' she revealed. 'All of the flowers you see here are fake.'

'They make a huge impact, last forever and when I get bored with one arrangement I can mix them up,' the presenter wrote, explaining how she'd been converted.

'Don't fear the fake. Give them a go,' she signed off.

Hobbycraft revealed in Spring that sales of faux flowers had grown by 8 per cent. It seems this trend is continuing to rise in popularity.

amanda lamb

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The resurgence in the popularity of faux flower and even houseplants is largely driven by the incredibly realistic versions available on the market. Fake flowers have come a long way from the dusty fake roses in your gran's bathroom.

Many fans revealed that they'd had a similar conversion to the home accessory.

'Used to think too but amazing what they can create now,' wrote one Instagrammer.

'Wow... I'm going to check these out, do pretty and don't look like nanas 😉😂'

table with chair and plant

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If you are tempted to go faux, it is important to care for them to keep them looking chic and stylish. Dust can build up on the artificial petals and leaves, so wipe them down with a damp cloth regularly.

For a more thorough clean mix washing up liquid and water together to create lots of suds. Then swish your fake blooms around for a few seconds before leaving to dry. They should look as good as new.

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Where do you stand on going faux? Have you been converted?

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