Marks & Spencer launch a sofa range that your kids and pets can’t ruin!

Family-proof your home from here on in with these smart new sofa fabrics

Stains on your beloved three-seater sofa or new armchair is the stuff of nightmares. Thanks to revolutionary new fabrics, using Aquaclean technology, Marks and Spencer plan to erase all these reoccurring stain nightmares.

This will be music to any mum's ears, because they especially know how difficult it is to keep fabrics clean in a busy family household. Children near clean fabrics with crayons or pets with mucky paws, you get the idea.

Cleaning know how: Marks & Spencer launch a new cleaning range Mrs Hinch fans will go crazy for

Aquaclean technology can help to keep furniture fabrics as perfect as the day you bought them.

Read on to find out how it works...

New Aquaclean furniture fabrics at M&S

living room with blue wall grey flooring and wooden table

(Image credit: Marks & Spencer)

As we all know sofas, and other living room furniture staples, are often not cheap. It's therefore heartbreaking when the fabrics are tarnished by stains. And try as you may to ban all the usual stain suspects accidents do happen, so choosing a smart fabric to combat stain potential is a wise move.

So how does Aquaclean fabric work?

This innovative fabric treatment that allows you to clean stains using water only. Eradicating the need for stringent stain removers and toxic chemicals. Which in a family home, with kids or pets, are not ideal anyway.

Using only water to clean provides you with simple fabric maintenance. This means minimal time and effort spent cleaning.

Aquaclean helps to remove most common household stains  such as wine, ink, sauces, fat, mud and chocolate. Ruling out the potential of these disastrous stains will be sure to make life easier for all.

wooden aqua blue arm chair with brown legs

(Image credit: Marks & Spencer)

Despite being a nation of compulsive cleaners these days, largely thanks to Mrs Hinch and a few others surely not having to clean is a welcomed notion?

Not having the task of treating and scrubbing at stains gives you more time for the things your enjoy in life – like lying on the sofa instead of cleaning it, catching up on your favourite TV drama or soap.

‘Our new family-proof upholstery fabrics with Aquaclean technology have been developed with our customers in mind,’ explains Karen Thomas, Head of Design for Home at Marks & Spencer.

‘Whether you’ve got pets, kids or simply a busy family home accidents and spillages are inevitable. This easy-clean fabric finish means that upholstery stays looking new – giving our customers peace of mind, and meaning that stylish velvet sofa can still be a practical and family-friendly choice!’

Now available now to shop at Marks & Spencer Home, in range of fabric colourways and sofa sizes.

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Let's jointly rejoice to a future home with no stained sofas. That's worth a celebration in our eyes.


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