The Asda teapot that lets you embrace your inner cat lady – and there's a mug, too!

We can't wait to get our paws on it

If you’re a feline fanatic, then Asda’s cat teapot and mug set are the puuur-fect addition to your kitchen table.

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George at Asda has gone cat crazy with their kitty-themed homewares. If their cat teapot and mug isn’t enough to encourage you to embrace your inner crazy cat lady, just wait until you see the matching cat milk jug.

When the paws-itively adorable cat teapot and mug starred on Asda’s official Instagram, customers were going as crazy as us for the whole collection.

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The post quickly clocked up 7,512 views and 75 comments. Shoppers were raving about the sweet spotty and striped white cat homeware with comments including:


‘How cute!’

‘Presents for me’

‘This is happening for the new house’

With prices starting at £3, these playful cats are bound to cheer up your mid-morning cuppa. Why don’t we take a closer look at the collection?

Asda Cat teapot

cat teapot with white background

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Buy now: White cat teapot, £9, George at Asda

While you should never grab a cat by the tail, we’ll make an exception for this teapot with its adorable curly tail. Priced at £9 this teapot is perfect for brewing a pot of tea between friends.

Asda Cat mug

cat mug with white background

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Buy now: Cat mug, £3, George at Asda

Who could resist the adorable hand-painted face on this cheeky cat mug? And don’t even get us started on the little ears poking over the rim.

Like the rest of the collection, the mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. Priced at £3 this is the perfect addition to your kitchen mug cupboard.

Asda Cat milk Jug

milk jug with white background

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Buy now: Cat milk jug, £4, George at Asda

This milk jug is the perfect finishing touch to the cat-themed tea set. This cat’s face is the perfect expression of ‘the cat that’s got the cream’.

Priced at £4, this jug is only available online as an add-on item with orders over £15. As if we needed an excuse to scoop up the entire collection.

cookie jar with white background

(Image credit: TBC)

Buy now: Cat cookie jar, £12, George at Asda

Last but not least, would any tea break be complete without a biscuit? Keep your stash of bourbons, custard creams and ginger nuts protected in this cat jar. When it says ‘paw’s off’, it means paws off.

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Will you be adding this collection of cats to your kitchen?

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