Asda gnomes are back for Christmas – meet a carolling couple, a reindeer and a Nutcracker gnome

Asda is the home of the gnome!

Love them or loathe them, you surely can't NOT have noticed the giant gnomes that have been popping up on Asda's shelves over the past couple of years. Themed for the season, there have been Easter gnomes, regal gnomes, and – retiring for 2019 – there are Asda gnomes for Christmas!

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Lats year's festive gnomes included a Mr and Mrs Claus, a cheeky Elf Gnome and a light-up Father Christmas you couldn't miss – even from the bottom of the garden. But this year, Asda has excelled itself, with carolling gnomes, and even a gnome version of Rudolph!

They're only available in stores, so get yours now while stocks last.

Asda Christmas Gnomes 2019

Carolling Gnomes

asda christmas gnomes carolling

(Image credit: Asda)

Last year's Mr and Mrs Claus have been replaced with an equally cute carolling couple. Stand them outside the front door to greet real-life singers over the festive period!

In store now: Small Carolling Gnomes, £6, Asda

Reindeer Gnome

reindeer gnome

(Image credit: Asda)

He may not officially be named Rudolph. But surely with that red nose, it must be! We can just picture him 'trotting' across a snow-covered lawn.

In store now: Large Reindeer Gnome, £22, Asda

Reindeer Sleigh Gnome

small reindeer sleigh gnome

(Image credit: Asda)

Mr and Mrs Claus are a cute Christmas couple, posing to say hello to you and any visitors. You may recognise them from last year, but are making a festive comeback.

In store now: Small Reindeer Sleigh Gnome, £8, Asda

Nutcracker Gnome

small nutcracker gnome

(Image credit: Asda)

Styled after the Nutcracker that comes to life in the famous ballet of the same name, this little fella could stand guard over the flowerbeds outside or presents inside.

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In store now: Small Nutcracker Gnome, £6, Asda

Christmas Tree Gnome

asda christmas gnome tree

(Image credit: Asda)

Ring in Christmas with this chirpy gnome dressed as a Christmas tree! What a cutie!

In store now: Christmas Tree Gnome, £22, Asda

Rhiannon James, Outdoor Buying Manager for Asda, tells us: 'Christmas is our favourite time of the year, and we’re excited to introduce four festive garden gnomes, Light-up Father Christmas, Mr and Mrs Claus and Elf. We are famous for our gnomes and it’s fun researching new ideas every season. My favourites have to be the Queen, corgi and guard gnomes that were designed exclusively for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebration last year. They were so popular with our customers and flew off the shelves.'

Though they're not available any more, we couldn't resist showing you Her Royal Gnomeness and her chums!

asda gnomes queen and guard

(Image credit: Asda)

And let's not forget this little chap!

asda gnomes union jack corgi

(Image credit: Asda)

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