Avoid cloudy water in your inflatable hot tub with this simple hack

Avoid cloudy water in your inflatable hot tub with this simple hack from hot tub retailer All Round Fun, and make it safer, too.

The Aldi hot tub Specialbuys favourite is coming back in stock on Sunday, April 4, and it's sure to sell out in no time. If you're sitting back and relaxing in your own inflatable tub and notice the water seems a little cloudy, don't panic.

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This is one of the most common problems hot tub owners experience and we have a handy hack to fix it so you can sit back and relax in the garden.

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Avoid cloudy water in your inflatable hot tub with this hack

A hack that will avoid problems with your tub is to use a hose filter when filling it. 'Household water supplies often contain traces of metal,' Tim Sidebotham, Ecommerce Director at All Round Fun says. 'While this doesn’t cause major problems with everyday tasks like cooking and laundry, it can prove to be a problem when it comes to your hot tub,' he adds. 

'For instance, water containing trace metals can drastically change a tub’s water chemistry and stain its surfaces. With this in mind, it’s crucial to always use a hose filter when filling your tub as this will remove any contaminants from your hard water, which are otherwise likely to cause cloudy water,' he explains.


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Given that debris and algae can also make water 'milky', you definitely don't want to be creating problems from the get go.

It's also essential to keep your hot tub covered whenever it's not in use. It's simple, but a hot tub left exposed to debris and sunlight is more likely to develop cloudy water. Dead leaves, grass, blossom and pollen can fall into the tub, clogging up your spa’s circulation system and filter. 'As the debris breaks down, the water in the tub will become cloudy, and unfortunately, a potential health risk,' says Tim.

Luckily, it's fairly easy to get rid of debris by using regular hot tub cleaning chemicals, so make sure you always have some handy. Keeping your tub covered will also limit the growth of algae. These aquatic plants can form in a tub when chlorine levels are low, and sunlight will help them to grow.

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