You won't believe the dirty little secret that your bedroom carpet is hiding

Grab the carpet cleaner quick

Can't remember the last time you cleaned your bedroom carpet? You won't forget ever again after you learn what dirty little secrets it's hiding.

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A study commissioned by Sofa and carpet specialists, ScS, revealed that our bedroom carpets are 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Can we get a resounding 'YUCK?!'

The bedroom carpet dirty secret

ScS swabbed carpets all over the home and compared the levels of bacteria, yeast and mould. It compared these to other flooring and household objects.

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The research revealed that the bedroom carpet was the dirtiest part of the home in the experiment. It had a combined bacteria and yeast level of 140 colony-forming units per cm2, and heavy mould.

It was found to have twice the amount of dirt as the living room carpet. However, shockingly, the living room carpet was found to have significantly heavier mould and amount of bacteria than a gym floor and toilet seat.

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For comparison, a living room had 52 colony-forming units per cm2, while a gym floor had only 14.5 colony-forming units per cm2. With four in ten Brits admitting to never having cleaned their carpets it is unsurprising.

'I am not at all surprised that your carpets are dirtier than your loo seat, largely because people clean their bathroom a lot more often than they do their carpets,' explains Bella Middleton, founder of Norfolk Natural Living. 'Psychologically, we are all more aware of the need to give the loo a good clean. Despite the amount of dirt and detritus that gets trampled through our carpets on a daily basis.'

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'to think that people's carpets are dirtier than their toilet seats is shocking when we think about how often we or our children sit on the floor,' adds Dale Gillespie, head of acquisition at ScS. 'That's why we want to encourage people to make their carpets a priority when it comes to spring cleaning.'

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To keep your carpets mould and bacteria free remember to vacuum twice a week and have them professionally cleaned once a year.

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