The simple celebrity kitchen trend you can replicate on a budget

Some artwork is an easy way to make your kitchen feel more put together

It's where people always gravitate to at parties, so the kitchen is one place that's got to look cute. One of the celebrity kitchen trends we've noticed recently is introducing some beautiful artwork into the heart of the home.

A gold-framed print resting on a countertop, hung up on the wall or resting on open shelving is a super simple yet effective kitchen idea. Celebs like Mollie King from The Saturdays and TV presenter Helen Skelton have adopted the trend in their own homes.

kitchen with green wall grey cabinets white counter and shelf with frames and plants

(Image credit: deVOL kitchens)

It's also a design trick that is often used by Netflix's Dream Home Makeover star Shea McGee. Adding artwork really elevates and softens a kitchen, as you're basically treating it like any other room in the home.

A colourful print can also distract the eye from the less pretty features, from the kitchen bin to worn-out flooring. Whether you opt for a fun quote about dancing in the kitchen or a traditional landscape oil painting - or both - artwork helps banish blank walls, making the room feel more put together.

When decorating our homes, we often think about doing a gallery wall in the hallway or living room. For some reason, it doesn't always occur to us to incorporate art into the kitchen.

kitchen with white wall grey cabinet and white counter

(Image credit: deVOL kitchens)

But, a couple of prints can make the highly functional space feel ten times more homely and welcoming. Plus, unlike a waterfall kitchen island or having hot water on tap, this trend can be done very cheaply.

Once you've decided on the prints you want (this is by far the hardest part), pick up some shabby chic gold frames on Amazon and some nails or Command Strips, and you're good to go.

It's easy to go down a wormhole on Etsy and Desenio, but remember that prints can easily be swapped out if you get tired of them. If you're decorating on a budget, you could also try making your own artwork, which can be a lovely way of bringing personality to a space.

kitchen with white and green wall golden tap candles on shelf and frame on counter with fruit

(Image credit: deVOL kitchens)

An old-fashioned print picked up at a car boot brings a feeling of history, balancing out the many modern appliances and shiny surfaces in the kitchen.

Whether you opt for old or new, artwork you love will refresh that blank kitchen wall and makes everything look that little more curated.

Millie Hurst
Senior Content Editor

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