Chris de Burgh’s house is up for sale… and he doesn’t just like his ladies in red!

Warning: Prepare for A LOT of red
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  • Chris de Burgh’s house – a beautiful Georgian home in the gorgeous Irish countryside – is up for sale.

    Bushey Park dates from 1815 and is nestled in a picturesque valley with views of the Dublin Mountains. The property sprawls over 27 acres of land, and is located near Enniskerry village, and just a short drive from Dublin.

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    The Lady in Red singer and his wife, Diane, first moved into the house in 1996, which they restored and extended to include a few modern touches, including a music studio. We couldn’t think of a more inspiring setting for a spot of composing.

    Chris de Burgh House


    Chris de burgh house 11

    For a world-famous musician looking for a little privacy, this place is perfect. A series of internal roads and paths weave through the gardens, offering access to the wider grounds. However, the house itself is sheltered by a wall of mature trees.

    Despite the addition of a generous leisure complex and new Georgian-style stabling and garaging, the original mansion house remains the centrepiece of the property. It’s framed beautifully by the large garden terraces that are currently in bloom with vibrant lavender.


    Chris de burgh house 8

    This large kitchen feels surprisingly quaint for such a grand room. The turquoise breakfast bar is a lovely contrast to the grand drapes that are a nod to the home’s original Georgian style.  If we didn’t know any better, we’d have though that stove and wooden shelves belonged in a cottage not a mansion.

    Living room

    Chris de burgh house 3

    The kitchen leads into this grand living room, which looks the part of a grand country home. The open fireplace and cosy red sofas make this the perfect place for after-dinner entertaining, and possibly a sing-a-long around the piano? All together now, ‘Never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight…’


    Chris de burgh house 5

    The decorating schemes were overseen by interior designer Simon Kingi, but we have a feeling that Chris de Burgh picked the colours! One of 12-bedrooms that are all accessed via the main staircase. We wonder how many of the other rooms got the same colour treatment…

    Music studio

    Chris de burgh house 1

    We’d expect nothing less of the ‘master of the soft ballad’ than an at-home music studio, where Chris can tinker away on his latest album. You don’t sell 45 million records without a little practice.

    Awards wall

    Chris de burgh house 12

    Speaking of those 45 million records, if you needed any proof of Chris de Burgh’s musical success then just take a glance at his wall of gold and platinum records. But this wall it isn’t just reserved for Dad’s success, there is also a shot of his daughter, Rosanna Davison, when she won the Miss World title in 2003.

    Cinema room

    Chris de burgh house 6

    Now this is our idea of a fun red room. We’d quite happily kick back in one of these luxurious velvet cinema seats whilst taking in a few cinematic classics. Popcorn anyone?

    Swimming pool

    Chris de burgh house 7

    This swimming pool takes up a large part of the sprawling leisure complex that spans over 1,122 square metres and also includes a games room. The wooden terrace over looking the pool is giving us some serious Romeo and Juliet vibes, especially with the ivy trailing over the railings.

    What we can’t help wondering is if the water slide is solely for kids, or whether Chris uses it every now and again?

    Tennis court

    Chris de burgh house 10

    No leisure complex would be complete without a pristine tennis court. It blends well into the surroundings, thanks to the surrounding boxes hedges and shrubbery.

    Bushey Park is on the market with Sotheby’s for £11,167,171.

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    Whats your favourite room in this home? You can’t just say the red room!

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