8 humdrum Christmas stocking alternatives

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  • Bored of your annual satsuma and bag of nuts? Here are 8 ways to break the mundane mould this year

    If you’re like us and find it hard to get excited by Santa’s predictable chocolate coins, bag of nuts and pen which has run out or been misplaced by New Years Day, then these avant garde twists to Christmas classics are for you.

    All perfectly petite to wedge into your stocking but with an added sprinkling of sparkles. Well, it is Christmas after all.

    Replace a bath loofah with…’bath in a brew’

    Fed up of scratchy bath loofahs in every colour of the rainbow and endless ‘travel toiletries’ in hideously sickening colours? Gift a stocking souvenir this year that won’t get stuffed to the back of the bathroom cabinet or displayed on the ledge catching dust. This brew for your bathtub comes in a variety of flavours and should naturally be enjoyed with a cuppa for yourself.

    Bath Teabag, £7.44, Cranmore Home.

    Replace a bag of nuts with…choccie treats!

    Nuts were once a treat for families at Christmas as limited transport links meant only the wealthy could afford nut importations. Giving it a 21st century spin, which is code for covering in chocolate, Hotel Chocolat has delivered a tray of nutty treats – from peanut pots to caramelised walnuts.

    Nut Selection, £18.00, Hotel Chocolat.

    Replace boring socks with….stitch your own

    Socks are an easy go-to for people who are truly terrible at present purchasing. You will all have a draw stuffed with garish reindeer faces with googly eyes and snowmen with 3D features gifted by such culprits, but no one needs fairies on their feet. Break the mould with this stitching kit – a nifty project for all the family this Christmas.

    Slipper Knitting Kit,
    £28.00, Stitch & Story.

    Replace a satsuma with…an orange wick

    The origin of the Christmas orange can’t be pinpointed exactly. For some it serves as gold, others say they show indulgence and decadence, whilst many consider their segments representative of sharing. Nevertheless, we don’t really enjoy the squishy Satsuma segments that can be found in the toe of our stocking, so mix it up with an orange essence candle that will leave your home zesty fresh.

    Candle, £18.00, Marks
    & Spencer.

    Replace cheap and cheerful make up with…the perfect pouch

    We all have our favourite magic mascara, perfect shade of foundation and are loyal to our nail vanish brands, so why do family members insist on filling stockings with alternatives? Leave make up purchases to the individual, because you will get it wrong. Instead go with a make up bag. This pouch is finished in an oversized floral print in sensual reds and musky blues.

    Make Up Bag, £12.00, Next.

    Replace chocolate coins with…Christmas choccies

    It should be on a list of Christmas obligations, along with gravy and glitter, that every stocking needs to be chocker with chocolate. Everyone will know the annual chocolate coin struggle in ripping a hole in the net bag large enough to wedge greedy fingers in and the battle with the paper-thin gold foil. Go off piste this year with some different chocolate goodies like these Christmas shapes finished with a magical dusting.

    Chocolates, £1.00, Poundland.

    Replace a multi-pack of coloured pens with… a fancy pen and pouch

    People love pens and they are great in a stocking, however, reality is we lose them, they run out and break. This nifty nib by Ted Baker is adorned in its iconic floral print and even comes with its own little leather slip to keep it safe.

    Stylus Pen Set,
    £20.00, Ted Baker.

    Replace hand warmers with…stylish gloves

    Everyone at some point in their stocking filled years will receive hand warmers – usually a plastic pocket of gooey mixture that is
    ‘cracked’ to enliven its warming qualities and always adorned with a cartoon, cupcake or Christmas figure. How about going above and beyond and going straight for the gloves? These part suede, part leather hand warmers look really classy and will keep you cosier than hand gels.

    Gloves, £22.00, Accessorize.

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