The orange kitchen is making a comeback – are you bold enough for this retro hue?

We take a look at what could be 2021's most unexpected trend
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  • Brighter and bolder colour choices were a key trend prediction for 2021, and we’re certainly seeing people embrace more joyful decor in their homes. Whether that’s a splash of mustard yellow within an otherwise neutral colour scheme or… an orange kitchen.

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    More of us are considering orange as a kitchen ideaTap Warehouse noted a 14% increase in UK Pinterest searches for ‘orange kitchen’ in the lead up to spring. After Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen went for a daring orange look in the kitchen on a recent episode of DIY SOS, it seems the vibrant, retro hue really is making a comeback. So could it work in your home?

    orange kitchen

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    How to embrace the orange kitchen trend

    If you love bright orange, go for it. A year at home has caused a shift in attitudes and we’re now decorating how we like, rather than clinging to trends or worrying what visitors might think. ‘Bright orange is a brave choice for a kitchen!’ Ideal Home Editor Heather Young comments. ‘It’s energetic and adds a sense of fun, but there’s a danger it can overpower the space, and it’s not very versatile when it comes to setting a mood.’

    So while orange could be an impactful small kitchen idea, bear in mind it’s very what-you-see-is-what-you-get. But, as with any colour, it all depends on tone, as Natasha Bradley, Home Interior Expert from paint company Lick explains. Are we talking about apricot, salmon or EasyJet orange?

    orange kitchen

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    ‘A brighter, more saturated orange can represent a more mature colour,’ Natasha says, ‘whereas softer tones of orange where it’s less saturated can often soften the look. It instantly becomes more comforting and romantic, perfect for a room in which you spend the most time in.’ We’re loving the idea of a more romantic kitchen.

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    Whatever the colour on the colour wheel you choose, our guide to kitchen layouts will prove helpful.

    ‘Orange is making a comeback because the colours – depending on saturation – can make people feel happy,’ Natasha from Lick adds. ‘Now more so than ever we are craving that nurturing, happy, energising feeling. The nation wants to feel good, we need a boost and orange can tick that feel-good factor craving.’

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    Would you consider an orange kitchen?

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