The RHS says sales of this outdoor accessory have soared thanks to new gardening trend

Are you going potty for pots?
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  • It is a well-known fact that Brits love their gardens. That has never rung truer than over the last few months. Even those without gardens have been indulging in some plant action with container gardening.

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    The Royal Horticultural Society plant centres have seen sales for outdoor plant pots rise by 225 per cent in July compared to last year. From glazed to terracotta pots it seems we’re going potty for them.

    Container gardening

    It is likely that the surge in pot sales is linked to the number of households making use of all the outdoor space they have. Whether you have a patio, balcony or just a window, pots are a great way to add a splash of colour. You can even grow fruit and vegetables in them!

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    ‘Container gardening is not only great for smaller outdoor spaces and brightening up corners, but it is also very simple,’ says Guy Barter, Chief Horticulturist at RHS.

    ‘You buy potting compost, pots, plants, bulbs – almost any type of plant can be grown in a container – and various sundries including fertiliser and it all works,’ he adds. ‘No need to worry about digging or soil manuring, feeding, weeding and so on. So it is perfect for those taking up gardening for the first time.’

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    It isn’t just sales of pots that have soared. Sales of compost have risen by 85 per cent from July last year. While sales of gardening gloves have increased by 40 per cent.

    If you’re have thinking about growing your own plants in a container you don’t need to purchase a plant pot to do it. Gary points out that there are plenty of household items you can use.

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    ‘There are many household items which offer good drainage which can be used as interesting alternatives such as sawn off plastic bottles and canisters, old tires, tin cans, old washing machine spinning drums, old water tanks, wooden boxes, chests of drawers, stacked bricks and breezeblocks, and even wellington boots – the list goes on!’ he says.

    If you are growing plants in pots try Danny Clarke’s watering tip to keep them in tip-top condition.

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    Have you got potty for planting in pots this summer?

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