7 creative ways to hide cat litter trays

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  • Camouflage your cat’s toilet with these awesome designs

    Every cat owner will understand the struggles of the cat litter tray.

    Where do you put a bulky, plastic tub? Where are your guests not going to see your kitten going about his business? And where is your cantankerous cat happy to pee, most importantly?

    We think we may have found a solution to your tray troubles with these amazing designs. From homemade habitats to fancy flowerpots, with these amazing designs you’ll never have to worry about the constant scratching and scraping in the litter tray again.

    White wicker hut

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    This trellis wonder is the perfect spot for a litter tray.
    It gives your cat a piece of privacy whilst not peeing in pitch black and the top shelf makes space to store cat bits and bobs.

    Flower power pot

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    The ultimate cat litter tray, we think you’ll agree. Face the opening inwards so guests will never know it’s a toilet and the beautiful plant on top is the best camouflage of both sight and smell…

    Catcave carving


    If you have a small cupboard or barren spot under the stairs then cut a little entrance in the woodwork to allow your cat to take himself off whenever nature calls. A fun entrance shape like this marks your cat’s territory.

    Doll it up

    Available at Petnap

    If you live with a little princess who won’t use the potty outside then this beautiful doll’s house is just for them. Furnished and finished in a high gloss paint, guests will think this is a child’s toy, not a litter tray.

    Pull the curtain over


    Hide the litter tray under a simple side table by covering it with a curtain. Simply loop a piece of material beneath the table top and allow it to hang down. You can even create a little entrance by hooking part of it open.

    Play with the design

    Available at Zooplus

    Fun playpens like this are always available for pets online.
    Although the sheltered space underneath is often used as a bedding area, you can easily add a litter tray.

    Disguise the furniture


    Make a little entrance in the base of a piece of furniture such as this laundry basket to camouflage its real purpose. Your bathroom is also a good place to hide a tray from guests and becomes the cat’s own en suite.

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