Update your wall for less than £30 with these on-trend DIY wheat suns - this hack is genius!

Get your boho on with these DIY wheat suns – they're super simple to make

The sun may not shine every day outside, but you can always make your own indoor sunshine with a bespoke wall art – which is exactly what Instagrammer Kate Hewitt decided to do.

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A mother of two, Kate regularly shows off her clever DIY hacks, along with photos of her ultra-stylish home over at @our_bears_home, and when we caught sight of these unique sun artworks, we couldn't wait to share the secret to making them.

'I always dreamed of a boho-inspired bedroom that was calm with neutral tones,' says Kate. 'Due to our room being all white I wanted to add warmth and texture using different materials. Creating these bespoke wall pieces out of wood and dried wheat help capture this look.'

white bedroom with bed and table

(Image credit: Kate Hewitt)

As you can see, Kate made two of the pieces to sit above her bed and we love how they work with the other natural textures in the room, from the bed frame to the lanterns and wood flooring.

Fancy making your own custom-made suns? Here's how to do it…

DIY wheat suns

blue glue gun and wheat and wooden disc

(Image credit: Kate Hewitt)

Start by gathering your tools. You'll need a glue gun, some wheat, wooden discs and Command M strips, sandpaper and a hand saw.

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wooden disc with wheat and scissor

(Image credit: Kate Hewitt)

Take one of the wooden discs and cut it in half using the hand saw. Sand the cut edge to get a smooth edge.

Next, cut the wheat into two different sizes, with one longer than the other.

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Making the sun's 'rays'

gluing wheat stem to wooden disc

(Image credit: Kate Hewitt)

Glue around 2-3cm of the longer wheat stems onto your cut wood disc, then do the same with the smaller ones (interspersing them between the longer wheat stems). Repeat until you've stuck all the wheat down around the semi-circle (except for the cut edge).

Finishing touches

wheat sun with wooden disc and hanging strips

(Image credit: Kate Hewitt)

Take a Command M strip and stick it to the back of the wheat sun and another to the other half of the wooden disc.

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wheat sun wooden disc

(Image credit: Kate Hewitt)

Stick them together to cover the glued-down wheat.

bedroom with wheat sun on wall

(Image credit: Kate Hewitt)

Finally, use another Command strip to hang your sun to the wall. And there you have it – your own indoor sunshine!

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'Wall art can be really expensive and I struggled to find anywhere that sold anything like these,' says Kate. 'They were super easy to do and making them myself means they worked out really cheap.'

Have you used wheat for any DIY makes?

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