Fake the firepit look with these Instagram-hit lanterns from Dobbies

They're perfect for small space gardens or camping trips
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  • Enjoying our gardens way into the evening is something that we Brits love to do, especially if we have the flickering flames from a fire for warmth and ambience. However, if you’re stuck for outdoor space and only have a small courtyard, patio or balcony, then a firepit may be out of the question.

    If you’ve hunted through the best firepits, but can’t find one that works with your small garden ideas we’ve found the perfect solution. The new Dobbies Cosiscoop fire lanterns give you a flame without the fuss, and looks super stylish, too.

    Image credit: Dobbies

    A big hit on Instagram, these outdoor lanterns come in a few different colourways and have a smart designer feel to them.

    Dobbies’ Cosiscoop fire lanterns

    As you can see, these Cosiscoop fire lanterns are ideal for popping on a table and keeping you and your guests cosy long after the sun’s gone down. The handles make them ideal for moving around as you need them.

    As well as racking up a keen following on Instagram, the lanterns have also been a hit with shoppers according to Dobbies’ outdoor living buyer.

    timber lantern

    Image credit: Dobbies

    ‘The new range of Cosiscoop lanterns have proven to be a popular hit with customers this season, with their standout contemporary practical style making them one of the top summer buys,’ says Lynsey Abbott, Dobbies’ outdoor living buyer.

    ‘In a range of neutral colours and finishes, they don’t take up a lot of space, meaning they work in every size garden, adding a cosy glow to cooler summer evenings,’ says Lynsey, explaining the lanterns success.
    ‘As they are portable, you can easily take them anywhere, making them a versatile purchase that will come in handy both at home in the garden and on camping and glamping adventures for years to come.’
    timber flame lantern

    Image credit: Dobbies

    We love the modern, minimalist look of the lanterns, but it’s hard to pick a favourite from the different designs.

    The Dobbies fire lanterns are priced at £89.99 for the green and black version, and £149.99 for the Dobbies timber lantern. They will burn for around five to six hours, after that you will need to insert a new gas cartridge.

    Stop mourning not having enough space for a firepit, and get yourself one of these lovelies instead. 

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