We’re dreaming of a ‘green’ Christmas this year

New research reveals just how much we're aware of environmental impacts
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  • Forget white Christmas, this year we’re dreaming of a ‘green’ Christmas. New research, conducted by BMO, reveals 74 per cent are planning to make it a more environmentally friendly event for 2019.

    The study of 2,000 UK adults shows that one in four say they will be more conscious of the impact their gifts have on the environment this Christmas. With 64 per cent  willing to spend more on gifts if they boast eco-friendly credentials.

    Delightfully 15 per cent aim to buy children wooden toys, in place of plastic alternatives.

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    green Christmas hallways with recycled paper wrapped presents in hallway

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    Recycling and creating less waste are the top priories.  As 32 per cent aim to recycle wrapping paper/boxes, while 26 per cent are set on buying less food – to avoid waste.

    One in five say they will send less Christmas cards this year. A similar number, 20 per cent, are avoiding buying non-recyclable cards or wrapping paper.

    Many are choosing to boycott Christmas staples altogether, as one in eight say they won’t buy Christmas crackers. The thought behind this idea being to save waste, given many are filled with plastic toys that only end up in the bin.

    Furthermore, nine per cent of those surveyed claim they will eat less meat this year. And eight per cent will grow their own veg to tuck into on Christmas day.

    green Christmas recycled paper decorations

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    Interestingly this year one in 14 will make homemade gifts, as opposed to buying them. It seems people are especially environmentally conscious when it comes to gifting to little kids – a quarter saying they will avoid plastic gifts for children this year. With 23 per cent going as far to say they’d avoid any presents presented in plastic packaging.

    Half of those surveyed will give children a presents, with a quarter opting to give them cash instead of wasteful gifts. One in six choosing gift vouchers instead.

    ‘Whether people are boycotting Christmas crackers or using recycled wrapping paper, it’s clear that many are more conscious of the impact they’re having this year,’ explains Ross Duncton, Managing Director, Head of Direct at BMO.

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    ‘Especially when it comes to buying little ones presents. While gifting money to children may not seem very exciting because you can’t wrap it up and put it under the tree, it’s something children may thank you for when they’re older.’

    *Research is based on an online survey of 2,000 UK adults, conducted by Opinium from 8th to 10th October 2019.

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