Are you folding your bedsheets wrong? Expert from Dusk shares a space-saving method

Farah Arshad reveals the best way to fold your sheets

If you’re wondering how best to fold your bedsheets, you’re in the right place. Head of Design at Dusk, Farah Arshad has shared an expert tip for folding bedding while ironing it.

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She explains that it’s best to fold your bedding in half lengthways so you end up with a long, thin sheet.

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This method reduces creases and frees up a little room in your cupboard, too, since neatly folded sheets can be stored in a tighter space. If your cupboards are overflowing, our bedroom storage ideas roundup has lots of ways to declutter and make a more zen sleep space.

When ironing your bedding, Farah from Dusk says to ‘fold your sheets length ways, then into quarters. This will not only make your bedding more manageable but will also speed up the process.’

So rather than ironing one part of your bedding and letting it drape over the ironing board where it can get creased, fold as you go.

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For those brave enough to iron their fitted sheet, Farah recommends placing the elastic over the end of the ironing board. This will stop it from moving and stop the elastic getting in the way.

Also, ensure you iron your bedding on the highest heat setting - the creases will satisfyingly melt away. For more tips on care and cleaning for your home, head to our hub page.

Bedsheets and pillowcases take up a lot of space. But two sets of bedding is all you really need, with one set on the bed and one in the wash or in the cupboard at any time.

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That said, we’re often tempted by fun festive bedding around Christmas time. Plus, given that our beds take up a lot of surface area, changing duvet covers and cushions can give a room a real boost on a budget.

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However large our collection, bedsheets folded properly will mean fewer creases when it comes to changing them. While ironing your bedsheets might seem like a step too far for many, it does make the feeling of climbing into clean sheets even better.

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