Celebrities can’t get enough of Amazon’s bestselling mop – Ruth Langsford and Nadia Sawalha are both fans

It's selling out quick

Mrs Hinch's Minky cloth and The Pink Stuff better watch out, there is a new cult cleaning product on Instagram – the Flash speed mop.

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Celebrities including Ruth Langsford, Scarlett Moffatt and Nadia Sawalha have been going crazy for the new mop. Even cleaning guru Mrs Hinch is a fan!

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The new cult mop had its first taste of fame when it appeared on Mrs Hinch's Instagram stories. The cleaning sensation revealed that she used the cleaning gadget to clean the top of her bathroom wall.

'I'm tall, but I'm not that tall. But I've noticed lots of you using your speedmops to get right up there, so I'm going to try it out and I can't wait,' she said. Mrs Hinch and her fans were blown away by the result.

Since then the mop has appeared on the Instagram stories of many celebrities including This Morning's Ruth Langsford, Scarlett Moffatt and Nadia Sawalha.

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'You know I've done a lot of cleaning in lockdown, so Flash has sent this, their new speed mop, and they've challenged me to confess my mess,' Ruth explained on Instagram stories.

'I think my floor is quite clean, let's see... The truth... Oh, dear, that quite grubby,' she revealed showing the results, shocked by how dirty her floor actually was.

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The Flash Speed Mop is currently Amazon's number one bestseller in cleaning mops. But you'll need to move fast as they are selling out quickly.

The mop promises to be quick, easy and hygienic to use. The long handle and swivel head mean you can get into all those though to reach areas.

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It uses special speed mop wet clothes that are two times thicker and wetter than floor wipes. They even include a built-in scrubby strip to make sure your floors are left spotless of all dirt and grime.

However, you don't need to worry about dirt being moved around the floor. The wipes feature trap and lock technology which claims to dissolve dirt and trap them in is core.

It is safe to use across all hard sealed surfaces, from your bathroom walls (like Mrs Hinch) to the kitchen floor. It can even be used to clean your kitchen cabinets as @proseccosisters demonstrated on their Instagram. However, avoid any unfinished floors, oiled wood or carpets.

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Will you be picking up this celebrity favourite?

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