Research has revealed the most house proud generation – it might surprise you

We might have Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo to thank for this one...

The soaring popularity of cleaning phenomenon Mrs Hinch and lifestyle guru Marie Kondo have helped transform younger Brits into Generation Neat Freaks, according to new research.

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A survey of 2,000 UK adults has revealed that almost half of 18 to 24 year olds, or Generation Z, want their current homes improved. And 61 per cent will change their home decor in the next 12 months - more than any other age group.

The survey by online lettings agent Mashroom revealed Gen Z are also the largest age group to request home improvements in their rentals. Nearly half of those polled asked their landlords to let them make home improvements.

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More than a third have opted for a modern, tidy look over any other style while 30 per cent want to have a study at home. Luckily for renters, almost one third (32 per cent) of landlords have already paid for renovations to people’s homes this year.

This new generation of house proud organised Brits is likely to increase as we continue to spend more and more time at home. Just because you live in a rental property, doesn't mean there aren't ways to perk it up and make it feel like yours.

As well as wanting neat and organised homes,  the poll found that more younger renters are yearning for The Good Life with 38 per cent wanting a bigger garden and 21 per cent lusting after a vegetable patch. A trend seen in many home buyers, craving outdoor space incase of further restrictions.

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The study, carried out for Mashroom by OnePoll, also found that with a further six months of strict restrictions over the winter leaving many feeling daunted, new at-home hobbies are also on the increase. Gen Zers are also planning to keep themselves busy with reading, watching TV and unlike other age groups, 19 per cent of them plan to learn a new language.

However, the study found the younger generation seems to be the only age group looking forward to weekends of zoom quizzes - with 37 per cent saying they will do them again.


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'It’s fascinating to see Generation Z have rejected the hoarding issues of previous generations but instead embraced an organised, modern home,' says Stephan Dobrovolskiy, CEO of Mashroom.

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'Uncertainty of what's to come is quickly changing many tenants' views on moving and are undermining future plans, whilst many landlords are struggling to come to terms with the rapidly changing market.We here at Mashroom have increasingly seen how both sides have been working together to create a mutually beneficial environment.'

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