See how our favourite tipple gin is helping in the fight against the Coronavirus

58 Gin Distillery saves charity event with hand ‘Gin-itizer’
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  • While the country continues to see events and large gatherings postponed due to the dreaded Covid-19, this is a happy story of how gin is helping save the day for one charitable event.

    True story – Hackney-based 58 Gin Distillery prevented a charity event from being cancelled this week with the creation of ‘Gin-itizer’.

    Quite simply they have made a gin hand sanitiser, handcrafted with gin and botanicals, including aloe vera. It is blended with high-strength distillate, as are off the shelf products.

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    Gin hand sanitiser to the rescue

    Mental health charity The Benevolent, were due to cancel a 450-strong event taking place on Thursday 12th March, at The Natural History Museum, due to being unable to source enough hand sanitiser for the venue.

    Until the bold gin distillery stepped in with its ingenious gin hand sanitiser solution…

    Image credit: 58 Gin Distillery

    The antibacterial 58 Gin Hand Gin-itizer is handcrafted with botanicals including aloe vera.

    Carmen O’Neal, managing director at 58 Gin Distillery explains, ‘The Benevolent is an incredibly worthwhile charity for our industry. When we heard the event was struggling to source the hand sanitiser we thought we had just what they needed.’

    Going on to say, ‘We distil 1000 litres of alcohol a week so we could afford to spare some to create a Hand Gin-itizer’. Cheers to it working towards a good cause.

    It’s a new one on us, using gin to sanitise our hands. Usually we’d enjoy this on-trend tipple over ice in a stylish tumbler. but given the currently climate, we’ll happily adapt.

    gin hand sanitiser

    Image credit: David Giles

    At this point we all need to play our part in preventing the spread of the virus. One of the Governments standard infection control precautions to is ‘to include careful attention to hand hygiene.’

    All hand sanitisers work by killing germs. However, because sanitiser doesn’t actually wash the germs away, hot water and soap still remains the best defence against spreading bacteria and the virus.

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    The advice is to wash your hands for 20 seconds, as long as it takes you to sing Happy Birthday twice.

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