Brilliant or bonkers? Homebase has launched a full size singing Christmas tree that connects to your phone

It's a little bonkers but if you tend to leave things til the last minute, this could save you
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  • Homebase is selling a Christmas tree this year that is all singing, all dancing – quite literally. The Evergreen Classics 7.5ft Foxwood Fir Colour Blast Tunes Christmas Tree is sure to bring ALL the fun and festive vibes.

    If you need one of the very best artificial Christmas trees but you’re running short on time to get everything ready, this could be a lifesaver.

    The Homebase singing Christmas tree

    The Evergreen Classics 7.5ft Foxwood Fir Colour Blast Tunes Christmas Tree stands tall at 7.5 metres and costs £600. Homebase’s musical tree has Bluetooth-enabled speakers that connect to your Smartphone.

    Homebase bluetooth Christmas tree

    Image credit: Homebase

    Its 435 LED colour-changing lights will flash and twinkle in time with your favourite festive tunes. But it doesn’t have to be in Mariah-singing party mode 24/7 (if you don’t want it to).

    You can pick from eight pre-set motion effects for a more subtle vibe.

    Is it brilliant or bonkers? The Ideal Home team decide

    Overall, it’s a great Christmas idea if you require instant festive vibes with minimal faff. It’s sure to get even the biggest Scrooge in the festive spirit.

    However, there are loads of other options for blasting some Bublé – and smart plugs and lights so you don’t have to crawl under the tree to turn lights on.

    ‘It was only a matter of time before our Christmas trees got smart!’ comments Digital Editor Tamara Kelly. ‘It’s totally bonkers but perhaps brilliant – especially for a family household to entertain little ones!’

    Garden by Homebase at Next

    Image credit: Alamy

    ‘The lights twinkle in time to the music to create the perfect atmosphere; tranquil present-opening melodies to flashing Christmas party mode the next,’ she says.

    Content Editor Anna Cottrell also loves the idea of decorating with Christmas lights that flash to the beat, but with so many other options for playing music, she’s not sure it’s worth the price tag.

    Associate Editor Ginevra Benedetti says it’s all about what your priorities are. ‘I guess it depends on how hassled you are, how much you need to still do or buy in the run-up to Christmas,’ she says.

    Ginevra points out that for £600 you could get a pretty good quality Bluetooth speaker, a set of Twinkly lights (that do exactly the same) and a gorgeous tree.

    ‘But if you’re looking for the easiest option with the least amount of hassle,’ adds Ginevra, ‘the Homebase tree would tick all the boxes…’

    Will you be rocking around this Christmas tree?

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