Ikea and Hay are making beautiful homeware together

The interior giant’s latest collaboration is a simple, contemporary take on essential furniture and homeware

Ikea has done it again. Its latest must-have collection is a collaboration with a master of contemporary homeware, Danish design company Hay. We can just imagine the introductions – Hej Hay! Talk about a Scandi marriage made in heaven.

Between them, they have reinvented more than 30 key pieces of furniture and homeware. The resulting Ypperlig range is – not surprisingly – stunning.

white sofa with cushion and blue wall

(Image credit: Ikea)

Launching this October, the Ypperlig collection encompasses larger pieces, such as sofas and bookshelves, and smaller accessories like candlesticks and vases.

To give you an idea of how accessible these pieces will be, the Ypperlig three-seat sofa-bed shown above comes in at £550, and the Ypperlig coffee table is a steal at £35. You'll be able to pick up the Ypperlig throw and cushion cover for £8 and £5, respectively.

wooden tables in different sizes

(Image credit: Ikea)

The price of this chic nest of tables is set to be just as reasonable. We love the way the smaller tables hang in the centre of things. The Ypperlig candle holder on top is just £3.

They’ve even given the iconic blue Ikea tote bag a fresh look – in a white and forest green woven fabric with green straps.

carry bag in dotted designed and dark green handle

(Image credit: Ikea)

Love Ikea furniture? Take a look at this Ikea sofa styled three ways.

The idea behind the collection was to challenge people's perception of Ikea quality and design. Natural unstained wood, simple shapes and a largely earthy palette, give the pieces an authentic and ageless feel. These are investment pieces, without the need for a big investment!

green plant in bottle green vase

(Image credit: Ikea)

Perfect for freshly cut foliage from the garden, this rustic Ypperlig vase will cost £12.

Love IKEA? Do you own all of their most popular products?

‘We learned a lot of things from this collaboration that we can apply to our own company,' says Rolf Hay, who founded the brand alongside wife Mette in 2002. 'For example, there's the simplicity in the Ikea supply chain. Or taking something that's complex and making it more simple and therefore better and less expensive.

‘We also learned a lot about creating the best tools and strong solutions, and dealing with flat-pack challenges,' Rolf adds.

white wall wooden rack with plants pot

(Image credit: Ikea)

We can't wait to get our mitts on this pretty and practical Ypperlig shelving, price to be confirmed...

white wall wooden shelf with umbrella and folders

(Image credit: Ikea)

...or ...or this Ypperlig wall shelf, which costs £12. Yes, that's just TWELVE POUNDS for an iconic piece of Scandi design.

Hay is the latest in a series of designer collaborations for Ikea. Last year Kanye West tried to jump on the Ikea bandwagon after he declared his ambitions to design for the company.

We won’t hold our breath…