The new IKEA Ramsele pendant lights that change shape as you pull the cord

IKEA's new decorative dimmer lamp is sure to make a statement

You've almost definitely seen the IKEA daisy pendant, otherwise known as the Grimsas. Maybe at a wedding or scrolling through Pinterest for interior inspiration.

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And how about the futuristic IKEA PS 2014 light, the pendant that expands or closes using a pulley to change the light intensity? Well, the new Ramsele pendants are a mash up of these two designs.

ramsele pendant lamp

(Image credit: Ikea)

Buy now: Ramsele pendant lamp, £65, IKEA

The floral fronds open out by pulling the string to adjust the light, creating an instant dimmer light that doesn't need any electric work. This makes it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and hanging over a dining table if you want to add a little atmospheric lighting.

ramsele pendant light

(Image credit: Ikea)

Buy now: Ramsele pendant light, £65, IKEA

The designer David Wahl, was tasked with creating a successor to the IKEA PS 2014 (below), making something with wider appeal and with better illumination.

lights by ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

Buy now: IKEA PS 2014, £60, IKEA

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We asked David about the inspiration behind his design: 'If you have ever played tabletop role-playing games, you would probably recognize a dodecahedron – the twelve-sided dice,' he says.

This is also the shape David believed would give the best options for his new lighting. Once he had this shape at the core, he continued with the themes that finally led to two different lamps – a geometric, folded origami style shade and the other, blossoming floral shapes.

ramsele pendant light

(Image credit: Ikea)

Buy now: Ramsele pendant, £65, IKEA

There were designs sent back and forth to the engineers, particularly to perfect the balance and avoid the petals touching each other when opening and closing the lamp

'It is one thing when one flower moves, but imagine 12 flowers and over 60 leaves moving at the same time,' David explains. 'There is a reason why the leaves on the magical flower version look like they do — they cannot touch one another or the framework when you pull the strings.'

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white pendant light by ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

The Ramsele lamps are made with sheets of laminated fabric and felt, giving them a soft finish, but it wasn't just for aesthetics.

'We wanted to create two lamps with very different looks but with a homey feel,' says David. 'We also needed a material that could bend the way we wanted. The reason why we finally chose felt and laminated fabric was also to keep the costs down.'

Can you see this future classic in your home?