The new IKEA Varmer range will help you set the scene for Christmas entertaining

It's all about the big night in with the new Varmer collection

 'Tis certainly the season for staying in and getting cosy. And the new IKEA Varmer range is just the thing for an indoor get-together that gives you all the fuzzy Christmas feels.

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And these pieces aren't just for the festive season. So unlike the tree and the tinsel, you don't have to strip them out come January 6th – you can enjoy them all year round.

Introducing the IKEA Värmer range

Varmer games table

white wall with glass window and chess board with carpet on floor

(Image credit: IKEA)

Available in store: Varmer board game table, £55, IKEA

Rainy days don't have to be dull. The board game table is genius – lure everyone away from their phones and tablets to engage in some real family time, even if that means arguing over who really won!.

The three-in-one table game includes backgammon, chess and a memory game.

Varmer candle chandelier

dining table with candle chandelier and plates with glasses

(Image credit: IKEA)

Buy now: Varmer six-candle chandelier, £22, IKEA

We all know dinner is the main event on Christmas day, so create a striking focal point over a dining table with the candle chandelier. Not just for the big day, the candlelit glow will create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for any dinner party during those deep, dark winter nights.

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Varmer dinnerware

dinnerware with white wall and hot chocolate in glasses

(Image credit: IKEA)

Buy now: Varmer jug, £10, IKEA
Buy now: Varmer mug, £4.50 for two, IKEA
Buy now: Varmer serving plate, £13, IKEA

Drink and be merry... why not create a mulled wine, cider or hot chocolate station when you have friends round? Put out the tray, mugs and jug so guests can help themselves, just don't forget the snacks.

It's perfectly acceptable to have food in your hand from morning til night over the Christmas holidays, and the Varmer bowls are perfectly snack-sized for exactly that purpose. Filling them with healthy treats like nuts and dates will at least help to kerb a little of the gluttony guilt. 

Although we definitely won't judge if they end up piled high with crisps and chocolate!

bowls with nuts and dates with glasses

(Image credit: IKEA)

Buy now: Värmer bowls, from £3.50, IKEA

The collection is all about creating new family traditions, as IKEA designers Sarah and Jens Fager explain: 'We really love the holiday season, cosying up with family and friends, cooking, crafting and playing games. We've created functional objects with a high design value, made in materials that will last for many years to come.'

Värmer bench

white wall with wooden bench and mini potted tree

(Image credit: IKEA)

Buy now: Värmer bench, £90, IKEA

This ash veneer bench is a handy, multi-use piece of furniture. Create a warm, festive welcome in the hallway with a mini potted tree and presents or bring it into the living room when there's no more seats on the sofa.

There's room for at least two – and you can drape it with a faux fur shearling for added cosiness.