The John Lewis homeware that could make you healthier

Can its new range with Patternity improve your wellbeing?

As Dorothy once said, 'there's no place like' home. When everything's gone a bit Pete Tong, it's where we can hide under the duvet and hope all the bad things will go away.

But could the design of that duvet actually help us feel better? It's a concept John Lewis is exploring with a new range in collaboration with Patternity.

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bathroom with white wall and toothbrush

(Image credit: John Lewis)

If you've never heard of them (to be fair, we hadn't until a few weeks ago), Patternity is a group of 'cult pattern pioneers', who believe that patterns can inspire positive living. We went to meet co-founders Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham last week, and although we arrived feeling a little sceptical, we came away inspired.

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The design duo see pattern in everything, from satellite photos of oceans to deserts to the wire fences around a playground, and have made it their mission to 'celebrate the fundamental shapes and textures' found in nature and our everyday lives with their designs.

So by bringing these patterns into our homes, the idea is that we become more connected and attuned to the world around us, and therefore more mindful and content.

Reflect Cushion

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Buy now: PATTERNITY + John Lewis Reflect Cushion, Black (bottom of pile), £30, John Lewis

Their John Lewis collection is based around just a few key prints, all monochrome. Reflect is made up of simple geometric shapes – there's a beautiful balance about it, a sense of yin and yang.

Flow State, meanwhile, is more organic and random. Like oil settling on water. It doesn't feel in any way controlled, which makes it all the more soothing.

bedroom with white wall and plant

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Buy now: PATTERNITY + John Lewis Flow Duvet Cover Set, from £65, John Lewis

John Lewis has introduced the prints to towels and bedding, but our personal favourite piece is a rug. It can be used indoors and out, which shows just how at one with nature these pieces can be!

black and white rug

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Buy now: PATTERNITY + John Lewis Ritual Reflect Rug, Black/White, from £80, John Lewis

You'll find the Patternity + John Lewis range in store and online now, with more pieces coming in the Spring. We're especially liking the sound – or rather, scent – of candles and diffusers in sandalwood + charcoal and rose + geranium.

Could the collection bring calm to your home?

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