This new Lakeland cleaning must-have nearly sold out before it even hit the warehouse

Could it be the next cult cleaning buy of 2022?
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  • Never have we been so excited about a scrubbing brush. Yes, you read that right, a scrubbing brush – the Lakeland Turbo Bathroom Scrubber.

    Launching this year, the electric scrubber promises to take the hard work out of how to clean the bathroom. However, it isn’t just the Ideal Home team who are excited to add the innovative cleaning tool to our best cleaning products caddy. Lakeland has named the Turbo Bathroom Scrubber one of its top products of 2022 after 75 per cent of stock has already sold before it even arrived at the warehouse.

    The Lakeland Turbo Bathroom Scrubber

    The Lakeland Turbo Bathroom Scrubber features a giant rotating head with four interchangeable brushes that can be swapped out for cleaning tiles, baths, basically any surface you want spotless in a flash. If sales are anything to go by, we predict we could have another cult cleaning buy on our hands for 2022.

    Lakeland Turbo bathroom scrubber

    Image credit: Lakeland

    The Turbo Scrubber follows in the footsteps of Mrs Hinch favourite Sonic Scrubber, an electric cleaning brush that became a cult cleaning buy in 2021. The Sonic Scrubber, available on Amazon, acts similar to a large electric toothbrush but for cleaning your home.

    However, the Turbo Scrubber has taken electric scrubbing to the next level thanks to its size. Priced at £59.99, the Turbo Scrubber has been designed to do a lot more than just clean grout. It has been designed to clean large areas in the bathroom easily and in record time. The telescopic extension pole is over a meter long to reach up high or down low into any awkward angles.

    The scrubber is cordless and powered by a rechargeable battery which can run for up to 1 hour on a 4-hour charge. It can be given an extra cleaning boost by filling the 50 ml dispenser at the back of the machine head with a cleaning solution. All you then need to do is press the button to spray it directly onto the surface you’re cleaning.

    Buy now: Turbo Bathroom Scrubber, £59.99, Lakeland

    However, one caveat we should make about the turbo scrubber is that you will likely need a microfibre cloth to hand to wipe away all the grime the scrubber dislodges for a clean finish.

    The product is currently available to purchase on the Lakeland website, with the promise that it will be dispatched as soon as it comes into stock. We’ll be putting in an order to test out this must-have ASAP.

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