Matalan is selling exclusive anti-snore pillow for just £6 – that's cheaper than Lidl!

The anti-snore pillow is designed exclusively by bedding experts Slumberdown

If you’re having trouble sleeping due to snoring, a specialist pillow might be just the thing you've been dreaming of. This Matalan anti snore pillow could be the answer to end sleepless nights.

The retailer is offering the specialist pillow for less than even discount supermarket Lidl. Matalan's exclusively designed Slumberdown pillow, currently trending online, retails for just £6.

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A simple change of pillow could be all you need for the perfect night's sleep.

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To quote Matalan, 'Slumberdown has created the Snore NO More pillow, specifically to help relieve the symptoms of snoring. The soft, hollowfibre pillow has been specially designed with a ‘S’ shaped inner foam core which helps encourage better breathing by supporting the head and neck. '

In addition to the expertise inside, the pillow is encased in a super soft cotton cover. Aside from being a anti-snoring solution it helps to be the perfect balance of comfort to ensure a dreamy night's sleep.

Buy now: Slumberdown Anti-snore Pillow, £6, Matalan

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New season bedding collection at Matalan

The controversial pillow has caused a mixed reaction. The reviews from those struggling with snoring have been a mixed bag.

One review reads ‘It worked for me. Read reviews which are mixed but give it a go. My snoring has halved in noise my wife says to not at all most nights.’ This shopper generously gives the pillow a cracking five out of five star rating – that's one happy customer.

Others in agreement, writing, 'Excellent, Apparently, I’m not snoring now !!! It’s comfortable too.' And 'Produced noticeable reduction in sleep loss for self and partner'.

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While there are those that disagree, politely remarking, 'Did not find this pillow helpful with my problem unfortunately'.  With another noting, 'Brought for my husband to stop him snoring. He still snores. It’s a very comfy pillow but it’s not anti snore.

Like with all bedding preferences it's a personal to each and every one of us. All we'll say is £6 for a comfy pillow that aims to help with the problem is worth it.



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