Get cosy with new B&M faux fur bedding – warming the hearts of shoppers

Beat winter chills with dreamy new faux fur and fleece bedding
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  • We’ve all noticed the dark nights drawing and the last rays of summer fading, but there’s no need to feel disheartened. Because now, we can turn our thoughts to wrapping up warm and hibernating for the foreseeable future – and who doesn’t love a bit of snuggling – am I right? This new faux fur B&M bedding is just the thing to do so in style.

    Luxurious-looking faux fur on one side and a cuddly fleece lining on the other, seasonal bedding sets don’t get much more dreamy than this one. The winning combo is sure to keep us warm and toasty throughout the winter months.

    And, as expected, it comes with a very pleasing B&M affordable price tag of £20 for a double with match pillowcases.

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    B&M Bedding grey faux fur with cream fleece lining

    Photo credit: B&M

    With a distinguished grey faux fur on one side, and a cream-coloured fleece on the other, this bedding is just the thing to dress up a fashionable boudoir this season.

    B&M says, ‘**NEW** Warm yourself up with this gorgeous faux fur & fleece duvet set😍! Only £20.00’.

    The set is new in stores this week. As you can’t currently buy online, it’s best to go prepared into stores with the product code, SC:349421 – that way, staff will immediately be able to tell you if they have it in stock, without you having to search high and low. With temperatures dropping, we predict this warming set will sell out fast.

    The brand-new faux fur bedding received an extremely warm reception over on the verified B&M Instagram feed.

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    We wouldn’t mind betting there was an influx of shoppers through B&Ms doors yesterday, as we prepare to hibernate in style. The post, in which the new bedding was revealed, received a staggering 8,922 likes and 887 comments in less than 24 hours. Some of the highlights were:

    ‘Wow that looks cozy 🔥’ – we couldn’t agree more with this shopper!

    ‘Omg how soft!’, on both sides too!

    One asks another, ’Can you imagine how cosy this would be!’.

    While one shopper puts it quite fittingly, ‘the dream’.

    And another gets straight to the point, ‘I need this in my life! 😍😍😍’.


    We can see why it warmed the cockles of so many shoppers.

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