Cook up a storm this weekend with Morrisons folding gas BBQ

Perfect for small gardens

This bank holiday is on track to be another scorcher. If you don't already have your BBQ ready to go, check out Morrisons BBQ range to pick up a bargain.

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Morrisons has become our favourite go-to for incredible value garden furniture that rivals Aldi. And their range of gas barbecue is no different.

One that has particularly caught out eye is the brands two-burner folding gas barbecue. If you're short on outdoor space the clever barbecue folds away to look the size of carry-on luggage that you can tuck away until needed.

Morrisons folding gas BBQ

morrisons folding gas BBQ

(Image credit: Morrisons)

However, while it might pack away small, this barbecue looks fit for a BBQ master when fully set up. It even includes slide-out shelves for plates and utensils, giving you all the cooking space you need.

Priced at just £140, it is a fraction of the price of similar style barbecues that can set you back upwards of £300.

two burner folding gas barbecue

(Image credit: Morrisons)

Buy in-store: Two burner folding gas barbecue, £140, Morrisons

Morrisons 3 burner gas BBQ

If you are looking for a bigger barbecue to complete your outdoor kitchen, you may want to opt for the three-burner gas barbecue. It includes three burners and a side burner for boiling corn on the cob or whipping up delicious sauces.

Priced at £220, this barbecue is a bigger investment. However, a similar version can set you back £749!

three burner gas barbecue

(Image credit: Morrisons)

Buy in-store: Three burner gas barbecue, £220, Morrisons

While charcoal barbecues are often cheaper than gas ones, there are plenty of perks from cooking with gas.

Charcoal can take a painfully long time to heat up, making spontaneous barbecues a challenge. However, with gas, they are easy to light and you can start cooking with just a flick of a switch.

If you are a novice when it comes to cooking on a barbecue, gas might be a good option as it is easier to control the heat better. If you are a fan of a midweek burger and bun gas is the one for you.

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Both Morrisons BBQs are available in most stores. Will you be grabbing one for the bank holiday weekend?

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