This is the new Yankee Candle scent experts predict we’ll be hankering after for 2020

New Awaken fragrance revealed as Yankee Candle scent of the year 2020
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  • We have Dulux Colour of the Year,  Wallpaper of the Year, and now we have a new Yankee Candle scent of the year.

    Uplifting new scent ‘Awaken’ is the chosen fragrance to win the accolade for 2020.

    Perfect for the new year, invigorating fragrance has been developed to ‘inspire you to open your eyes to the simple beauty of the everyday’.

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    New Yankee Candle Scent of the year 2020

    new Yankee Candle scent

    Image credit: Yankee Candle

    ‘At the heart of the 2020 Scent of the Year is a one-of-a-kind, crystalline mineral fragrance with grounding notes of driftwood and amber,’ says Jennifer Genson, Fragrance Development Lead, Yankee Candle Company.

    ‘With the clarity and brilliance of an uncut diamond, Awaken was developed to inspire you to open your eyes to the simple beauty of the everyday, giving you a clear, bright vision for the new year’.

    new Yankee Candle scent

    Image credit: Yankee Candle

    Awaken marks the second annual Scent of the Year, following its 2019 debut. With Yankee Candle partnering with global trend experts in the fields of fashion, wellness, lifestyle, and culture to determine which scent will hit the right notes for the year ahead.

    Awaken is now available in a Large Classic Jar Candle, RRP £25.99, at Yankee Candle stockists on the high street, nationwide.

    ‘We’ve learnt, through our research, there’s a significant cultural shift away from always wanting more. More options, more communication, more material clutter’ says Anna Whitton, Vice President of Marketing, Yankee Candle Company.

    ‘Increasingly, people want to simplify their lives. Unplug from the constant chatter of technology and reconnect with themselves, and those they care about’.


    It’s been a funny old week for fragrance, with the news of Gwyneth Paltrow’s controversial new candle scent.

    The candle in question, no jokes, is said to be scented to that of Gwyneth’s intimate area. Yes. Unbelievably the ‘This Smells Like My Vagina’ candle sold out in record time?!

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    Described by Goop as, ’a funny, gorgeous, sexy, and beautifully unexpected scent.’ The candle. ‘is made with geranium, citrusy bergamot, and cedar absolutes. Juxtaposed with Damask rose and ambrette seed to put us in mind of fantasy, seduction, and a sophisticated warmth.’

    We’ll stick to the new Yankee Candle  scent all the same.

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