Live in Leeds? You're leading the way when it comes to this new garden trend

Forget barbecuing or growing plants – we've found a new use for our outdoor space!

The glorious weather means we're getting to enjoy our gardens more than usual. But did you know that we're also finding a new ways to use our outdoor space. New research from garden furniture retailer Alfresia has revealed that this summer, one in five Brits has turned their garden into – wait for it – an outdoor gym.

Perhaps they're inspired by the contestants on Love Island, who get to enjoy a fabulous outdoor gym, complete with weight bench and pull-up bar. Though we don't think it's seen quite as much action since Adam left... *sigh*

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outdoor gym with gym equipment in grass lawn

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Anyway, 62 per cent are heading outside to train with weights and get down to some strenuous mat work. 45 per cent are indulging in alfresco yoga sessions, and more than 1 in 4 (27 per cent) are burning the calories with outdoor HIIT sessions. 18 per cent are even using their gardens for circuit training – we're exhausted just thinking about it!

And it's the people of Leeds that are the most ahead of the curve, with 52 per cent of the city taking part in garden workouts. Not far behind are residents of Southampton, with 49 per cent enjoying regular exercise in their own back yards.

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It’s brilliant that so many Brits are finding additional ways to utilise their outdoor space,' says Alfresia's Nic Jones. An outdoor area is about so much more than just being a place to sit and read or enjoy alfresco dining and we believe it is a place to live and improve our lifestyles. Exercising outdoors is a great way to soak up that much-needed vitamin D, whilst getting plenty of light and fresh air to get those endorphins flowing.'

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'Although revamping your outdoor space seems like a big task, it needn’t be costly or time consuming',' Nic continues. 'It can literally be a case of clearing some space and creating a shaded area for when you need it. Even those with smaller outdoor spaces, such a simple patio or balcony can invest in a fitness mat and carry out a morning stretch session or quick cardio class after a day in the office – the options are endless and you’re guaranteed to feel so much better for it.'

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