The bold new ceiling trend that’s taking over Instagram

It's time for the top of your room to shine

Ceilings have long been the neglected part of a room — an afterthought, that’s treated to a new lick of paint every decade or so. But a new Instagram trend is shining a spotlight on ceilings, giving them a new lease of life.

We said earlier this month that wallpapered ceilings are set to be big, but it seems that painting them in eye-catching colours is also becoming increasingly popular social media. So far the hashtag #paintedceiling has more than 17,000 posts to its name on Instagram, with a plethora of users sharing their own take on the trend.

The Whalehouse in Massachusetts, the former home of Herman Melville's sister, revealed how it's given the venue's ceilings a 2020 update. The Victorian house — which is now used to host weddings and Airbnb rentals — showed off its decadent pink foyer ceiling with gold embellishments. A base which perfectly frames the gold chandelier.

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A great way to dip your toe in the trend is to experiment with colour blocking, be it with more neutral shades or colours on the same gradient. Interior blogger Hannah Atkins posted a photo of her nursery, showcasing her terracotta ceiling beautifully complementing the apricot walls.

Of course, those feeling a little braver can use brighter colours for the ultimate statement ceiling.

Yellow accents are a huge trend for 2020, but who says this can’t be achieved with a little paint? Keeping the walls neutral but having banana-hued flourishes throughout the room will make a yellow ceiling shine.

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This works with other colours, too. Echoing the ceiling shade in small amounts elsewhere in the room will help tie it all together. We love this unusual pink hallway from @fresh_look_calgary.

But this isn’t a necessity, just look at this fabulous bathroom posted by @behrpaint, which lets the blue sky ceiling do the talking.

Statement ceilings are a great, alternative way to add interest to a room, and there are a number of different designs and colours to play with — they're quite literally a blank canvas. Wisconsin-based artist revealed in an Instagram post that she custom-mixed all the colours on her kitchen ceiling and door using leftover paints, to create a wallpaper-like effect.

But bold and bright ceilings are not the only new interior trend — it would appear lots of people are getting creative with painted floorboards, too.