Cox & Cox's Paros swinging lounger is the ultimate in garden relaxation

Turn your garden into a luxury destination

Cox & Cox really knows how to take relaxation to the max when it comes to their luxury outdoor seating. And with holidays at home being the most likely outcome this summer, turning your outside space into your very own haven is more important than ever.

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We didn’t think they could top last year’s Hanging Bell Tent (below), for the ultimate in garden lounging. With its dreamy boho vibes, it created a gorgeous and shady relaxation spot – just what every garden needs.

hanging tent with outdoor living room and tree

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Buy now: Hanging bell tent, £950, Cox & Cox

However, we think this year’s newcomer, the Paros swinging lounger, may have just pipped it to the post.

Paros swinging lounger

You could call it a hammock, cabana and a garden swing rolled into one. The adjustable sun shade means you can stay in or out of the rays without having to shift the whole seat throughout the day.

swinging lounger with garden area and plants

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By now: Paros Swinging Lounger, £750, Cox & Cox

There’s also plenty of room for two, whether that’s the kids, the other half or the dog!

Dani Taylor, Director of Buying at Cox & Cox tells us why it’s hands down her favourite thing ever from Cox & Cox and how she loves to make the most of it.

‘It is the most comfortable piece of furniture I have ever owned. My husband, loves lying in it with a beer - he actually said it was the next best thing to being on holiday and that it is so comfy that you could sleep in it.

It is great for kids, too – we draped old linen curtains over the top and made a fort for our son.’

With dimensions of H179 x W213 x D143cm it’s not exactly small once assembled. So we asked Dani if it can be stored or left out over winter.

‘It is powder coated but I would recommend disassembling it over winter,' says Dani. 'It is actually quite compact when taken apart, and while it is probably a 25-minute two-person job to build, it is quicker to take apart. The canopy is shower-proof and the cushion very handily folds into four, making it easier to store.'

swinging launger with white background

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We can just imagine the gentle rock of the swing as the breeze blows and the birds sing in the background. At last, you can really feel like you’re on a luxury getaway in your own back garden.

Dani agrees: ‘the gentle swaying motion and shade of the canopy are absolute bliss, and it is shaped perfectly so that you are at a great angle. I have pillows on mine. It is perfect for reading.’

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She also confirms that once you’re in the hot seat, you won’t want to leave. So what’s her recommendation for ultimate comfort?

‘A side table and ice bucket and a bottle of wine – because once you are in you definitely don’t want to get out!’

We're on it, Dani!