Instagram is going crackers for this best-selling Poundland Christmas decoration

Grab one while you can
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  • This Christmas is set to be taken over by a very surprising character from Poundland. The Poundland Gonk decoration has become the stores best-selling decoration of 2020.

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    Poundland has seen sales of the adorable festive gnome soar in the last week ahead of Christmas. Gonk has not just become a home must-have but has also become something of a social media celebrity.

    Best-seller – The Poundland Gonk decoration

    When a post featuring the Poundland Gonk appeared on Instagram it quickly clocked up 5,516 likes and over 400 comments.

    ‘Forget lockdown, it’s gonkdown! Spread some cheer with our super cute £3 Christmas gonks. You won’t want to put them away!’ read the caption.

    ‘Omg I need them ALL 😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️’ commented one excited shopper.
    ‘I’ve got two of these love them need to get the third one,’ wrote another looking to collect the whole trio of Gonks.

    Even Stacey Soloman is a fan, with the Poundland Gonks makes a star appearance on her Instagram stories.

    poundland gonks 1

    Gonks are nothing new to Christmas time. They originated in Scandinavian folklore and are small white-bearded creatures that resemble garden gnomes that operate similar to Santa Claus.

    They were believed to protect farms and homes from catastrophes and misfortune. Many Scandinavian children still leave out bowls of porridge and butter – a Gonks snack of choice – on Christmas eve, to make the creatures happy and ensure good luck in the new year.


    The Poundland Gonks are available in six designs, with and without legs. While you can pick up similar Gonks from other high street stores, we doubt you find any at the bargain price of just £3!

    Buy in-store: Gonk, £3, Poundland

    If you are still hoping to pick up a Gonk for December don’t worry about rushing there on 2nd December. Poundland stores have announced that they will be staying open throughout November as an essential retailer.

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    Brighten up your Christmas with a cheeky Gonk decoration.

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