Are Poundland’s Halloween nutcrackers the ultimate festive decoration crossover?

Proving they're not just for Christmas!
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  • The boundaries between Halloween and Christmas are starting to become more blurred than working out when to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. First came Halloween trees, now this year Poundland has launched a range of spooky Halloween nutcrackers to get your home ready for the spooky season.

    Forget fake bats and spider webs, nutcrackers are set to be the number-one decoration in town to help you celebrate Halloween at home in style this year. Traditionally a Christmas decoration, Poundland has brought out a range of spooky figures in the usual nutcracker style – a collab Jack Skellington would be proud of.

    The Christmas decoration cross-over comes dressed as Count Dracula, Frankenstein and even a skeleton in a top hat. Crazily creepy, but just right for bringing a novel touch to your home – and, of course, those Instagram photo-snapping moments!

    Poundland Halloween Nutcrackers

    Now, it’s said that the original Christmas nutcrackers, dressed as mini toy soldiers, were a symbol of good luck, frightening away any evil spirits and protecting your home. In our book, that makes these Poundland versions perfect for Halloween!

    Image credit: Poundland

    Line the figures upon a mantelpiece or have them in your window ready to greet trick or treaters – they’re sure to get a smile. The best part is, each of the nutcrackers is only £2, so they won’t break the bank and you could get the whole set.

    Or, why not have them guarding a festive snack table? Poundland has lots of Halloween-themed plates, cups and edible snacks to make it devilishly fun, including (our favourite) milk chocolate eyeballs!


    Image credit: Poundland

    Surround your figures with Poundland’s Halloween tinsel, light-up spiders and ghosts and hanging bats to make a truly spooky display. Hang some fake cobwebs, add some easy pumpkin ideas, a few LED tealight candles and dim the lights to set the scene.

    Image credit: Poundland

    We think these nutcrackers would make a great gift for anyone going to a Halloween party or gathering this year, too. Would you buy just one, or all three? And if you had to choose, which would it be?

    Image credit: Poundland

    Have these nutcrackers made your list for Halloween must-haves this year? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re in store now, but it’s always worth ringing ahead to check they have them in stock.

    Well done Poundland, we think they’re fab-BOO-lous!


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