Try one of five trends for 2019 for ONLY £1 with these savvy buys

At Poundland, you can experiment with the latest looks for less

Every year, it's the same old conundrum. Sans Christmas decorations, your home is looking a bit bare, but then so is your bank balance. So as much as you'd like to try some of those new-season trends you've been reading all about, you just can't justify it... or can you?

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Because we've just had a look at Poundland's offerings for 2019, and it seems you can test out the hottest patterns and looks or the bargain price of 100 pennies.


book with colorful design

(Image credit: Poundland)

 Terrazzo – a speckled composite material – is taking the interiors world by storm, covering everything from wallpaper to pendant lights. Originally used for flooring in the 16th-Century Italian palazzos, terrazzo is a mix of glass, marble and stone chips set in polished concrete.

These Poundland products feature terrazzo as a motif – the flecked finish will give your home both colour and texture.

In store only: Terrazzo photo frame, £1, Poundland
In store only: Terrazzo A5 notepad, £1, Poundland


glass vase with sunset yellow shade

(Image credit: Poundland)

 There's something soft and romantic about a graduated ombre effect. It softens any colour – in this case. a deep amber. We just can't believe this glass vase can be picked up for a £1!

In store only: Ombre vase, £1, Poundland


cactus plant in white pot

(Image credit: Poundland)

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Yep, cacti and succulents are sticking around for at least another year. If you're having trouble keeping yours alive, Poundland has a range of faux plants that will survive at least as long as this trends does!

In store only: Faux succulents, £1 each, Poundland


crockery with stripped design

(Image credit: Poundland)

 Such is its timeless appeal, monochrome (from the Greek  for 'one colour') gets reinvented and reintroduced year after year. For 2019, it will be used in combination with pink terracottas and woods to smarten up 2018's popular global nomad trends.

In store only: Striped storage tin, £1, Poundland
In store only: Spotted dinnerware, £1 each, Poundland

Jungle life

jungle theme book with zebra toy

(Image credit: Poundland)

The lush and leafy jungle look has been everywhere in the past few months, and now it's time for hot-country inhabitants to emerge from the undergrowth. Zebras, giraffes, elephants and exotic birds join forces to create a bold, playful look on cushions, tableware and quirky ornaments, for a tropical vibe all year round.

In store only: Palm leaf photo frame, £1, Poundland
In store only: Zebra vase, £1, Poundland

Which trends will you be trying?

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