This Primark Eeyore slanket will help you cosy up from the cold

And there's plenty more in its Disney range to warm your hearts during the big freeze

Brrrr! Baby, it's cold outside. But we've found just the thing to keep you warm – an Eeyore slanket! It's the latest piece from Primark's increasingly legendary Disney collection, which has also included Winnie the Pooh bedding and a Beauty & The Beast Chip teacup.

This is most DEFINITELY going on our Christmas list.

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Eeyore is known for being a bit of a grumpasaurus, making this fleecy slanket all the more perfect for sulking under when it's your turn to put the bins out/your other half is holding the TV remote hostage/someone just ate the chocolate you'd been saving* (*delete as appropriate).

However, if you're a cheerier soul, there's also a smiley Winnie-the-Pooh version.

large winnie the pooh slanket

(Image credit: Primark)

In store now: Large Winnie-the-Pooh slanket, £16, Primark

For the uninitiated, a slanket is a blanket, but with the addition of arms – and in this case, a hood. The addition of sleeves means you can keep the top half of your body warm, even when you get up to make the tea. Genius, no?

Eeyore popped up on Primark's Instagram account earlier this week. So if you're after one, we suggest you get down to a store sharpish before they sell out!

Can't get enough Disney? Then Primark has more treats in store, like these Mickey Mouse tree baubles. Who cares if you've already decorated your tree? You can NEVER have enough baubles, and you could always use them to decorate presents if the branches are already straining under the weight of knick-knacks.

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primark christmas decorations

(Image credit: Primark)

In store now: Copper decorations, £4 for six, Primark

In store now: Olaf decoration, £5, Primark

large mickey bauble

(Image credit: Primark)

In store now: Large Mickey bauble, £5, Primark

If the World's Most Famous Mouse™ doesn't float your boat, perhaps you're more of a cat person? Or an Aristocat person? In which case, you'll probably want to get your paws on these slippers.

In store now: Aristocats slippers, £8, Primark

They'd make a purr-fect gift, don't you think?!

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