Primark's new hammock has sparked an Instagram shopping frenzy

Laze for days in this pink outdoor design

You can't beat the soft sway of a hammock to relax you, whether it's dozing outside in the sun or gently rocking away indoors while you enjoy some phone-surfing on a pile of cushions. No surprise then that when Primark posted a picture of its new pink hammock with the caption 'WFH = working from hammock', followers responded by the thousands.

'Best wfh idea ever!' said one, while another commented 'I'd love to have this in my room'. The post received over 5,200 likes, but what is it about this hammock that caused such a stir?

A hammock is a perfect addition to any garden ideas for adding a little relaxed playfulness, not to mention at a fraction of the mall price of an egg chair. We don't think that is the whole reason this hammock has stirred up such a reaction on Instagram.

Primark's outdoor hammock

hammock with cushion and pink walls potted plants

(Image credit: Primark)

Hanging it outside is the traditional method, but for us, the sheer extravagance of having an indoor corner purely dedicated to a hanging bed is a huge draw. A hot new hangout that you can retreat to, kick off your shoes and enjoy some down time.

Why not have it inside during the winter months and take it out when we've got a sunny spell – that way you can enjoy the best of both?

pink hammock with white background

(Image credit: Primark)

The pastel pink colour makes it a pretty choice and it's only £7, which makes it the steal of the century. This hammock also comes in a matching drawstring bag, making it easy to take away on camping trips, or transport from inside to out when the sun is shining.

Definitely one to add to your shopping list, but don't wait too long as this summer sizzler is already proving popular.

How to hang your hammock indoors

If you are keen to recreate this indoor hammock look the easiest way is to buy a stand that you can hang your hammock from. However, there are other options.

If you have wooden posts or beams, either on the ceiling or running down your wall, you can use two Jumbo Fixings from Simply Hammocks to secure it, which will hold it firm. Alternatively, a Power Hook or Rotating Swivel Fixing can be hung from the ceiling to suspend your hammock from a fixed point.

You can also hang your hammock between two walls by drilling a fixing into each wall to hang it from.

Where would you hang your hammock - indoors or out?

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