Put a bug on it: 7 reasons why you need to embrace the insect trend

Bugs, butterflies and bees – creepy crawlies are really flying right now, trend-wise. On cushions, wallpapers, lamp shades, jewellery and prints – insects are everywhere.

1. They give retro edge
From cave paintings of termites to scarab beetles etched on Egyptian tombs… Humans have long been inspired by the insect world. Butterflies, one of man’s earliest pin-ups, have been beautifully captured in this Papilio 111079 wallpaper, £56 per 10m roll, from Harlequin. It features bold, botanically drawn specimens with monochrome illustrations based on research from Kew Gardens.

If you can’t commit to a wall of bugs, try a discreet print, such as this delicate study of a Dragonfly by John Abbot, £165, from Surface View‘s collection, that reinvents images from the Natural History Museum archive.

2. They light up a room
We were drawn to this Bell moth lamp shade from Timorous Beasties, £215, well, like a moth to a flame. With gorgeous colouring and markings, the humble moth is giving its nearest relative, the butterfly, a run for its money.

We also made a beeline (ahem) for Loaf‘s Beehive drum lamp shades, from £155 each, handmade from cotton in Dorset. They would be great for a busy kitchen or a buzzing living area.

3. They’re cuddly
Well, you know the saying, keep your friends close and your enemies closer… We couldn’t resist this hand-finished Lucanus Cervus beetle cushion, from £60, at Surface View. Snug as…

4. They make a statement
Bugs make an excellent standout feature, on a table, in a dome, or even over a pile of books… like this larger-than-life taxidermy, from £300, by the ingenious Mister Finch, who is exhibiting in New York soon.

Livingetc also loves this stunning, old-school butterfly dome, £600, by artist Charlotte Proudlove. She only uses non-endangered species that are responsibly sourced.

5. They’re hitting the recycling trendCheck out these Scissor Spiders by the resourceful American artist Christopher Locke (they’re bringing Harry Potter vividly to mind…) Made from scissors confiscated by US airport security, they’re currently on show at the Mechanical Entomology exhibition alongside other brilliant and eye-popping mechanical creatures at the MAD Gallery. Bionic insects anyone?

6. They’re glamorous
Beautifully crafted, a gold dragonfly pendant, £132, by British jeweller Alex Monroe makes a splendid present. Is that not subtle? Just saying…

7. They’re oh-so pretty
Beautiful, functional and from nature – insects are totally up Arts and Crafts’ street. We’ve got our beady eye on Zara Home‘s new decorative tableware and bed linen. So now you’re all set – insects are a trend that you can literally eat, drink and sleep in. Time to embrace the little creatures…

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