This highly rated electric BBQ is a steal at QVC – and it's kind on the environment

This oh-so-popular electric BBQ was recently on air at QVC – and it's still in stock for £379.50

Spending your money on a brand new electric BBQ? Smart idea – especially if your BBQ is in desperate need of an upgrade, and even more so if you have several summer BBQs planned to see family and friends you otherwise haven't seen face to face in months. Why an electric BBQ? Aside from the fact that electric BBQs are much better for the environment, they are also super easy to clean as well as simple to get started and essentially, they are just faff-free. All you need to do is plug it in and get cooking...

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So, the electric BBQ we've found, and the one we think you should buy, is the Kalorik Electric Barbecue from QVC which is priced at £379.50. A cheap price to pay, in our opinion, for an easy to use product. Not to mention the fact it's sleek so will definitely slot in seamlessly in your garden. No more bulky BBQs that are difficult to store and even more annoying to clean. This BBQ is also flooded with features from illuminated rotary dials to an integrated temperature gauge and also a removable drip tray. What more could you want?

Keep on scrolling for more info on this electric BBQ we spotted at QVC. Also, it's worth noting that it can be delivered within 5-7 days, so you could be cooking up a storm as soon as next weekend.

Kalorik Electric Barbecue

electric barbecue grill with removable dip tray

(Image credit: QVC)

What do reviewers say about this electric BBQ?

Reviewers give this electric BBQ a 4.2-star out of 5 rating, which is unsurprising to us. A total of 16 reviewers had comments from "Perfect just what we needed" to "Quick and easy to use". One reviewer in particular, called Tommy H, had a lot to say – "The electric bbq is the way forward. We got our new Kalorik electric bbq recently and it fits perfectly in our patio. It was easy to put together and feels very sturdy. It is stylish and looks very modern. Could not be easier to use. The left and right dials allow different heating controls over the hot plate which is ideal when cooking different food at the same time. The capacity of the plate is huge, we had 8 burgers and 4 kebabs cooking at the same time. I was a bit skeptical about what taste you would get but we still got that bbq flavour out of the food. For me it’s a big win not having to burn charcoal, worry if it is hot enough and deal with the horrible smoke. It was a delight and easy to use. Highly recommend for a no fuss modern bbq". We're not sure about you, but we are pretty much convinced to buy one now.

Buy now: Kalorik Electric Barbecue, £379.50, QVC

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