Revealed: World's most expensive Valentine's day bouquet – you will NOT believe the price!

These are the red roses that could land you firmly in the red this Valentine’s day

They say it's the thought that counts. Our first thought when we saw the price tag on the world's most expensive Valentine's day bouquet was 'how much?!?!

Endura Roses, the UK’s leading preserved flower company, have created what is thought to be the world’s most expensive bouquet of flowers ever. The Cullinan bouquet, containing no less than 100 specially preserved flowers, will set you back a whopping £20,000.

You could do a complete kitchen makeover for the same value.

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The lavish bouquet is named after the very thing it was inspired by, the Cullinan Diamond – the world’s largest gem-quality rough diamond ever found.

valentine day flower bouquet with heart roses

(Image credit: PLC)

Set on a bed of brooding black hydrangea, is a towering forest of roses ranging in size.  Of these roses are no less than six Grandeur Roses, all completely encased in 24-carat gold. Sat alongside those are Heart Roses, expertly created by hand by the specialist florists. The remaining flowers are Juliette Roses beautiful, with their double-petalled structure.

At the heart of this creation is a Mon Chérie elegant curved glass cloche. Inside are two intertwined heart roses, with two Cullinan diamonds sitting in the centre – one 0.5 carat, the other 0.3 carat.

valentine day rose bouquet with heart shaped roses

(Image credit: PLC)

The bouquet is finished with a ‘Diamond Dust’. What is that you may ask?

The precious dust created when larger, multi-faceted diamonds are cut is saved and used for a light dusting. This rare commodity makes the perfect finishing touch, add a hint of sparkle to the stems.

valentine day flower bouquet with heart roses

(Image credit: PLC)

Endura Roses have perfected the art of preserving roses, maintaining their original beauty year after year. It's this quality that makes them the ideal Valentine's day gift, to show enduring love.

Who knew enduring love would come at such a cost?!

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If you're not looking to spend an eye-watering amount there's a wide range of other gifts available – online and in stores now nationwide.


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