Rightmove reveals the garden feature that could add £22,695 to your house price

It can even sell your house faster

Gardens might have ousted kitchens as the most in-demand feature for house-hunters. However, not all gardens were created equal. If you are lucky enough to have a south-facing garden you could be BBQ-ing on a small fortune.

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A new study by Rightmove has revealed that homes listed with a south-facing garden have an asking price premium of 7 per cent. Average asking prices for homes with these highly coveted gardens are £22,695 more than those without.

South-facing garden price premium

Rightmove analysed just under 400,000 three and four-bedroom homes across the UK. It found that the average asking price for a three or four-bedroom home with a south-facing garden was £369,365. Similar properties without one had an asking price of just £346,670.

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Homes in Yorkshire & The Humber has the biggest asking price premium for a south-facing garden at 14 per cent. This is likely due to the mixture of the regions rural appeal, and a desire to be sheltered from the harsher weather conditions.

'You'd be amazed at how many people turn up to a viewing and use the compass on their phone to work out where the sun is coming from,' says David Phillip, partner of David Phillip Estate Agents in Yorkshire. 'It's a really important requirement in these parts.'

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'Lots of homes in Yorkshire are in rural areas, and so the trade-off from not living in an urbanised area is that you want a lovely outdoor space. And what's more lovely than a garden that gets lots of sunshine? South-facing gardens have almost become a necessity.'

As well as commanding a price premium, homes with south-facing gardens were found to sell faster. The survey revealed that on average they sold two days faster, with eight out of all 11 regions finding buyers more quickly.

'Since the market reopened we've seen a huge rise in demand for homes with a garden as buyers place greater importance on outdoor space,' explains Rightmove's property expert Miles Shipside.

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'For as long as I can remember, south-facing gardens have been viewed as the crème de la crème of outdoor spaces among home-hunters. Longer sunny days means you and your plants benefit from the additional warmth.'

'It doesn't mean your house will automatically be worth £22,000 more if it has a south-facing garden as this is an average. It will also depend on the size, condition and location of your home. But it's certainly something to shout about in a listing as it could mean your home makes it on to a buyer's shortlist over another property down the road.'

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Would you pay extra for a south-facing garden?

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