Save £1000s on a kitchen renovation by checking this one thing first

You might want to delay ordering that skip
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  • Kitchens are an expensive investment, however, if you are currently planning a renovation you could make some real savings by checking if you can sell your old kitchen to help pay for your new one.

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    A study by Used Kitchen Exchange found that over three-quarters of homeowners have never considered selling their kitchen when refurbishing their home. While 44 per cent didn’t even realise selling it was an option. Not only is selling your kitchen an option, but it could earn you £1,000s.

    Most Brits valued their current kitchens at an average price of £3,437. 9 per cent even valued their kitchen over £7,500. That is a lot of money to be chucked into a skip without a second thought.


    Image credit: Used Kitchen Exchange / Konrad Kaczmarkiewicz

    When it comes to selling parts of an old kitchen, you can try your hand at websites such as Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. However, if you’re like us and looking for a hassle-free way to make some money you need to know about Used Kitchen Exchange.

    Used Kitchen Exchange

    Used Kitchen Exchange offers a hassle end-to-end service to help sell your kitchen for you. They will take photos, measure, market, sell and dismantle your kitchen for you. It’s so simple that even TV presenter Linda Barker is a fan of the re-seller.

    selling your old kitchen 2

    Image credit: Used Kitchen Exchange / Konrad Kaczmarkiewicz

    Whatsmore they won’t just sell you old Kitchen for you, but you can also buy one of their pre-owned or ex-display kitchens for a bargain price. Talk about making some serious savings.

    ‘Whilst it’s become commonplace to buy pre-owned luxury items, we’ve found it’s widely unknown that genuine financial, environmental and social benefits come from selling your outgoing kitchen when updating,’ says Helen Lord, founder of Used Kitchen Exchange.

    selling your old kitchen 3

    Image credit: Used Kitchen Exchange / Konrad Kaczmarkiewicz

    ‘We understand that a seller may not have the time or know-how to measure, map and photograph their kitchen. Likewise, their buyer will want to feel completely confident that the kitchen they have purchased is exactly as described,’ explains Helen.

    ‘Via our all-in-one service, sellers and buyers are united in a similar-free other online buying/selling sites, but with the added benefit of an extensive framework of additional services that make this whole process as hassle and risk free as possible.’

    ‘It’s a win-win for everyone. And its why we are changing the way people think about kitchens.’

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    If you’re in the market for a new kitchen have you checked out Used Kitchen Exchange yet?

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