17 things you’ll only know if you’re obsessed with shopping at Primark

If you're a pro who loves this fast-fashion store, you'll relate to all of these
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  • If you love Primark as much as we do, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about! From cheap clothing to affordable  handsome homeware, what doesn’t Primark have?

    It has everything you could possibly want, and so much more, all at ridiculously affordable prices.

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    Primania has officially taken over.

    1. It can be chaotic, but you’ve mastered the madness

    Move outta my way. You go into a Primark store as if preparing for battle, you take no prisoners. You know it’s going to be a struggle at time, but you also know it’s well worth it.

    2. You’re tagged in every Primark-related meme going

    They no longer ask you were you bought your latest outfit or plant pot from, they just know.

    3. You are constantly wishing they had a loyalty card

    Like so many shops you’re devoted to you do, you wish the retailer would after the same reward. If they did a loyalty scheme you’d spend even more time… and money! Is that even possible?

    4. You go in just to browse, but end up staying for over an hour

    shopping at Primark

    Image credit: Primark

    There might be something you’ve missed? Just one more minute, that turns into an hour. Your long-suffering partner/friend can wait just a little bit longer.

    5. You have all the latest homewares – including those sweet, sweet candles


    Image credit: Primark

    Who needs Jo Malone when you can have Primarni? Fun pinboard for under a tenner, yes please. More storage baskets than one household needs, at those prices why not?!

    6. You go in store as soon as you see new stock online

    You know the drill, it’s only in while stocks last. Must hurry before it sells out •drops everything and runs to the local store!.

    7. You’re the proud owner of an impressive pool float collection

    You couldn’t have a holiday snap taken without one, so best to buy a few – just in case! Do it for the ‘gram people.

    8. You know the layout of your local store like the back of your hand


    Image credit: Primark

    You could do this blindfolded. Those obsessed know the department and till layouts in their local store better than their own home floor-plan. You go in see what you like and buy – no messing!

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    9. Your home is filled with Disney characters

    shopping at Primark

    With every film release there’s a licensed Disney collection hitting stores! From The Lion King to Toy Story our homes are filled with familiar Disney faces.

    10. You can’t resist the bargain lip balms and sweets at the till

    Everything is only £1! With the amount of time you spend in the queue, there’s plenty of temptation. Thank goodness things are only cheap!

    11. You own more pairs of Primark pyjamas than actual clothes

    signs you're obsessed with Primark

    Image credit: Primark

    One for each day of the week. Who needs clothes when the PJs are this good.

    12. You know to check the label on the item for the correct size

    Those hips may not lie but the Primark hangers do! Any pro will already know this shopping secret.

    13. You always come away with way more than you originally intended

    shopping at Primark

    Image credit: Primark

    It’s a familiar story. Yet you always come back for more. Oh look, they do a sustainable towel range…

    14. The paper carrier bag is strained under the weight of your purchases

    Primark shopping

    It doesn’t matter what you have in there, there’s always enough to almost break through the bag. At least you’re going a little way to save the planet, by avoiding plastic bags.

    15. Your make up bag is bulging with their budget beauty range

    Image credit: Primark

    With everything from contour palettes to makeup brushes and fake eyelashes, Primark’s beauty offering is thoroughly comprehensive.  It doesn’t cost a lot to fill your entire makeup bag with this department and you know that first hand.

    16. Think you’ve finished, but then spotting something you love in the homeware section

    shopping at Primark

    Image credit: Primark

    Then you get home and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #primarkfinds

    17. You never miss a celebrity collaboration

    If Ariana is on a T-Shirt you are wearing it. ‘I see, I like, I want it, I got it’. Thank you, next.

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    Primark couldn’t exist without its loyal fanbase. THAT’S YOU!

    Are you a self-confessed Primark addict?

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