Could this new bedding be the simple solution for a perfect night’s sleep?

The science at Simba suggests so

Many of us are finding it harder to sleep more now than ever, new research reveals. The sleep specialists at Simba are never ones to let anything disturb the perfect night's sleep. They've used their expertise to launch the latest in sleep technology, by way of the Orbit Weighted Blanket.

This new design aims to help tackle sleepless nights caused by stress and anxiety by harnessing the science of ‘deep pressure therapy’.

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How does a weighted blanket work?

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The smart Simba weighted blanket uses engineered nano-bead technology to apply a relaxing pressure to the body while you rest. Emulating the feeling of a calming, comforting full-body hug.

Simba educates us by revealing, 'Deep pressure therapy has shown to help trigger the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). Studies suggest that this can help soothe you, ease away stress, and cause restlessness to quickly fade. Meaning you get to sleep faster and snooze undisturbed.'

The new Orbit weighted blanket is available two weights 6.8kg and 9kg, both in a single size. The experts recommend 'to experience the optimum benefit of the blanket, choose the blanket that’s 10 per cent or less of your body weight.'

Buy now: Orbit 6.8kg Weighted Blanket, £149, Simba

'Our internal studies have consistently shown that stress and anxiety are the top barrier to a good night’s sleep,' explains Steve Reid CEO of Simba. 'With seven out of ten, 72 per cent, people revealing that this is the case.'

'The Orbit Weighted Blanket is engineered to fit into your sleep routine, so you can finally switch off, get the rest you deserve and focus on what matters.'

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Have you tried a weighted blanket? There's never been a better time to explore the best sleep solutions.


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