Kelly Hoppen exclusively shares her secret to styling a small bathroom on an even smaller budget

We'll definitely be following her advice

Kelly Hoppen has exclusively shared her small bathroom styling secret, and it's suitable even for the tiniest of budgets. We spoke to the interior designer as part of her work with luxury home and hotel accessories retailers SV Casa.

Coming up with small bathroom ideas that feel luxurious and relaxing certainly poses some challenges. The queen of taupe tells us that when you're tight on square footage and spending money, it's all about creating one clear, focal point.

...And accessorising with high-quality decor pieces – yay!

kelly hoppen with black dress and wearing golden coloured wrist watch

(Image credit: SV Casa)

Kelly Hoppen's small bathroom styling secret

'The best thing I can recommend is keeping the room as simple as possible using low-level lighting and focusing on either the shower or bath as the central feature,' Kelly Hoppen advises. 'Downlights and patterns are a big no as they shrink a space – remember, simplicity is key.

'Mirrors are also great additions that can open up the room and create an illusion of a larger room,' says Kelly. If you want to add a touch of luxe, the interiors guru recommends investing in a few high-quality smaller accessories.

For example, a sleek soap holder and toothbrush holder in natural materials will bring a classic chic feel, she explains. You could opt for wood, stone, fluted glass or subtle terrazzo soap dispensers and toothbrush holders to match your bathroom colour scheme.

white with black coloured soap holder soap dispenser and toothbrush holder

(Image credit: SV Casa)

We're loving The Mist collection of bathroom accessories from SV Casa pictured above with its curved edges and monochrome design. Small touches like these go a long way. To purchase, please visit LuxDeco which is exclusively launching the Kelly Hoppen SV Casa range in the UK.

A couple of small, functional accessories will keep things neat and hopefully make you want to spend more time in the bathroom. Relatively small bathrooms without any windows just need a bit of extra love to turn them into a place we look forward to unwinding in.

Kelly's comment on lighting is also worth noting. Low, LED strip lighting may create a feeling of more height.

As much as we love a fun and colourful bathmat, storage baskets and faux greenery, we're going to be following Kelly's advice and keep things that bit more minimalist.

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