Calling all Smeg fans, the brand has just unveiled a range of matching taps!

Get the retro vibes flowing

There is no point tiptoeing around it – the iconic Smeg fridge is at the top of most if not all of our kitchen lust lists. If you don’t know someone who has one, then you probably know at least three people who’d love one.

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If you are obsessed with the retro curves of the Smeg appliances, then we have some truly exciting news for you. The Italian brand has now launched matching Smeg taps!

Retro Smeg taps

Yes, you heard that right, matching Smeg taps. If you’re scratching your head, wondering how a modern tap can be retro, then let us enlighten you.

kitchen with pastel blue smeg tap and wash basin

(Image credit: Smeg)

These taps are nothing like we’ve ever seen before. The body of the elegant curving tap mirrors the soft curves that have made the brands iconic FAB fridge  so popular.

The body and spout are coloured, with the neck and lever handle of the tap finished in chrome. The tap is available in seven finishes that match the brand's collection of fridges – including red, pastel blue, pastel green, white, chrome, cream and black.

kitchen with black smeg tap with back coffee machine

(Image credit: Smeg)

But the MDF50 retro tap isn’t all style, it has some serious substance, too. The tap is elegantly designed with a single lever mixer to flip the water on and off, and a 360-degree swivelling spout.

It is equipped with a flexible hose and pull-out jet spray to reach into tricky to clean objects like narrow vases or reusable water bottles. It is also a lifesaver when it comes to blasting food remnants from your best non-stick pan.

kitchen with white wall and black countertop with red smeg tap and wash basin

(Image credit: Smeg)

Coming soon: MDF50 retro taps, £379.99, Smeg

We can just imagine how eye-catching the pastel blue tap will look paired with a butler’s sink in a country style kitchen. Or if you’re looking to add a splash of colour to a stylish monochrome kitchen space, the vibrant red number will draw the eye.

Priced at £379.99, one of these taps is sure to make a statement in the kitchen all on its own. But of course, it will look even more fabulous when matched up with a Smeg Fab fridge, washing machine and/or dishwasher.

All we need now is for Smeg to bring out the tap in pink.

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Will you be adding this retro tap to your kitchen wist list?

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