Is this retro kitchen accessory making a come back? This Morning’s Eamonn Holmes is already a fan

The much-loved presenter frequently raves about the nostalgic kitchen appliance on the show

Many few years ago every kitchen had one, then the popularity waned. But all that appears to be changing as the 70s much-loved SodaStream machine is back.

This Morning's Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford have one in their own kitchen. The presenter expressed his appreciation of the quirky drinks maker some weeks ago, and it's been brought to light in recent days that he's finally gone and got one.

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kitchen with white wall white and blue countertop and blue sodastream

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The topic on the show earlier today was how much the nation is set to miss the Argos catalogue – after it was announced last week to cease printing. Since the news has broken a sense of nostalgia has gripped us all about the things we loved about the book of dreams.

Professor Leigh Sparks, who's a historian specialising in retail,  joined the pair this morning to share news of the recent popularity of many old products. As Ruth says, 'Many of us are looking at this now and saying I'd like soMe of those products back.'

SodaStream machines being one of the things that many loved most.

The good news is that this quirky kitchen gadget appears to be making a come back - as Leigh says she seen SodaStreams coming back with many retailers. To which Ruth cries 'Eamonn's just bought a Soda Stream!', 'Yeah, yeah' he adds in acknowledgement. So could this funky 70s wonder be set to be a staple for kitchens in 2020?

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Aside from it’s recent celebrity following (Eamonn and Ruth alone counts in our eyes!) here are a few reasons why we think the product is set to become a must-have item once again...

Benefits of a SodaStream

kitchen with black countertop and fruit bowl black sodastream

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1. Hydration

It encourages you to keep hydrated by producing refreshing, sparkling water at the touch of a button.

2. Reduces single-use plastic

It dramatically cuts the need to buy single-use plastic bottles. Turning tap water into delicious sparkling water to take out with you in your fave reusable water bottle.

3. Make your own flavoured water

Sparkling water produced from the machine can be paired with flavours and ingredients to mix up something extra delicious. Encouraging you to get creative with flavours.

4. It’s space saving!

The designs are chic and stylish to minimise kitchen counter clutter and come in a range of beautiful colours (including Icy Blue, Plum and Pink to name a few - we've got lots of lovely lifestyle imagery too)

Buy now: SodaStream Spirit, £99, Amazon

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Will you be one to 'get busy with the fizzy' with this much-loved kitchen gadget?


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