The Sofology dog beds that already have celebrity fans

They look just as smart as 'human' sofas, too!
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  • If you have a dog, your pooch’s place in the living room is usually in one of two spots. Either you allow them to curl up on the sofa beside you (often with them taking up most of the space) or they have a dedicated dog bed on which to sleep on. The average dog bed usually wears quite quickly though, ending up looking grubby and a bit of an eyesore in your otherwise smart lounge.

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    Sofology is aiming to tackle this issue by launching its first new range of dog beds, made from the finest of materials – because only the best will do for our furry friends AND our homes.

    Sofology Persia dog bed

    Sofology dog beds black leather dog bed red furry dog graphic rug

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    Inspired by the company’s existing Persia collection of sofas and armchairs, the sumptuously cosy dog bed is covered in charcoal smoke leather and comes with a choice of weathered oak or dark wood feet to make it easier to co-ordinate with your living room‘s decor. Button backed and studded for the ultimate in style, it comes in two sizes, accommodating both small and large dogs.

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    The new dog beds have proved so popular that celeb canines have flocked (or is that scampered?) to snap theirs up, particularly now that the company has made all of its showrooms completely pet friendly, too. Celebrity sausage dogs Hugo & Ollie are big fans, with one of the small beds providing ample space for both pooches to cosy up on.

    Other furry fans of the new range include the fabulously fluffy Marcel le Corgi, who was particularly excited to be able to test out ALL the company’s sofas on a recent showroom visit.

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    #AD| Heard about the dog addicted to eating sofas? He’s got a suite tooth 🙈 #ItsLeCorgi #FeelAtHomeOnASofaYouLove _______________________________ Super excited to announce that Sofology (@sofology ) now welcome all members of the family in their UK stores, including dogs (at least they did until someone had to clean all the fur I left 🤪), how awesome is that?! I paid them a visit two weeks ago and got to try them all (as always I insist on personally testing everything I recommend, especially treats ;b) and find the one that matches my furplexion best (check this out in my stories)! I love this zebra print especially, animal prints are the roar (pun intended) right now! Are your dogs allowed on the sofa? Do they secretly go there when you're away? I'd love to hear your sofa stories (the clean ones only am the only one allowed to get dirty here 🤪) _______________________________ PSA: to reduce the risks of back, legs and hip issues, please avoid allowing dogs with long backs and short legs (like corgis and doxies) to jump off furniture (we use some steps at home that I was trained to use) especially when they're young and still growing!

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    Jan Duckworth, Sofology’s Head of Marketing says: ‘We are thrilled to finally be launching our first range of sofas for dogs. So many families go shopping for their new sofa with the whole family in mind, including the dog… so why not create a range especially for our pawsome pals?’

    Do you love your pooch enough to treat them to a throne of their own?

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