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If you have been searching for a hot tub – specifically, a square hot tub – for a good while now and you've had no luck thus far, then we are here with good news. Not only is there hot tub stock at AllRoundFun, but their stock consists of a hot tub that's on sale, for under £320, and this hot tub comes with free next day delivery. So that you can set up your new hot tub in time for the weekend. The Avenli Rattan Bubble Spa is currently a bargain and it's definitely not lacking in the looks department, either. It's also perfect for small gardens and smaller families, with a capacity of two to four people. All for under £320? A bargain – not for long, though, as they are selling like hot cakes unsurprisingly. Get in fast...

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This affordable hot tub has a lovely £30 off right now, while it comes with an insulated cover as well as a waterproof plug unit. It even boasts 95 jets to create lots of bubbles, and it has a 5-metre cable so that you can place it wherever you like in your garden. With an easy to use digital display for changing hot tub temperature, turning on the bubbles and even setting a timer, this hot tub couldn't be simpler for those who aren't as tech-friendly as they would hope. What else? Keep scrolling for more info on this bargain-friendly buy...

What to know about this square hot tub before buying?

Buy now: Avenli Rattan Bubble Spa, now £319.95, AllRoundFun

This two-to-four-seater hot tub is a great buy for smaller gardens, or if you don't want a large hot tub to take over your lovely outdoor space. It's also square to make it even more comfortable to sit inside, with three-ply reinforced walls for a rigid construction. In total, this hot tub easures 1.48m x 1.48 metres by 0.65 metres once inflated. See it in full for yourself below...

square shape brown hot bathtub

(Image credit: AllRoundFun)

This hot tub can heat up to 40ºC, while in colder temperatures you will have to take the pump inside to protect it. The spa can be inflated in less than 10 minutes and due to its smaller size, it can be filled a lot faster than other options. It comes with a protective cover to keep leaves and other debris from the water, and this cover has fastening clips to keep it held on tight.

Now onto the design – this hot tub features a faux rattan design to match your furniture or bring a corner of your garden to life. This realistic print is stylish and anything but boring, unlike other plain hot tubs we've seen elsewhere...

A bargain considering the fact this hot tub is square, as well as when bearing in mind it's patterned and it comes with a safety lid. What are you waiting for?

Buy now: Avenli Rattan Bubble Spa, now £319.95, AllRoundFun

brown hot bathtub with round corners

(Image credit: AllRoundFun)

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Are you considering buying a hot tub for SS21? We certainly hope so when prices are this cheap – get in early to bag a bargain...

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