10 things you'll only know if you shop at TK Maxx – with a few savvy tips you won't want to miss

Theses are the reasons those in the know are such dedicated fans...

You've never really shopped until you've had a TK Maxx shopping experience. We know there are those that are perturbed by the unpredictable nature of the stores. But trust us when we say this the very reason to love it.

Offering big brands, across home and fashion, at up to 60 per cent less than the RRP, you're guaranteed to find hidden treasures with every visit.

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Here are the reasons why we're obsessed with the retail giant...

1. They offer HUGE discounts on Le Creuset cookware

coockware with white plates bowl and glasses

(Image credit: TK Maxx)

We've never been to a TK Maxx and not found a fabulous Le Creuset piece – which inevitably you end up buying, because if you don't it will be gone. It may not be new-season collections, but let's be honest any of the iconic French brands iconic cookware is a timeless investment. We spotted a Le Creuset teapot this week for just £14.99!

Other desirable brands often gracing the shelves are Tefal, Denby and Jamie Oliver.

2. Final Clearance treasures

TK Maxx generally don’t do promotions, sales or other gimmicks. Just big labels and designer gems at significant discounts compared to department stores and the high street. The prices are there Every. Single. Day. BUT a few times a year the stores will run a 'Final Clearance' event – with prices even better than the standard 60 per cent off.

A word to the wise, it’s a brave customer who waits for something they love to go into Clearance. As every TK Maxx fan knows –when it’s gone it’s gone.

3. The lighting department is switched on

room with wooden flooring table lamp and stool

(Image credit: TK Maxx)

4. The furniture pieces are totally unique

bedroom with side table and bed with pillows

(Image credit: TK Maxx)

It's half the joy of shopping at TK Maxx, you never know what you're going to get. Depending on the size of the store – the furniture departments offer substantial offerings for every room. From classic wing-back armchairs to industrial-style cabinets, the pieces are totally unique and incredibly well priced.

5. Big brand pillows and bedding

You can't put a price on having quality bedding to ensure the perfect night's sleep. That said TK Maxx put a price on it, and it's always guaranteed to be a fraction of the RRP. With brands such as Snuggledown and Silentnight for pillows and duvet, and Designer's Guild and Scion for duvet sets, you can sleep tight knowing you've made great savings on big and designer brands.

6. There are towels galore

It's the place we stock up on quality towels – with brands such as Ralph Lauren, Christy and many more, it's THE place to buy branded towels.

7. New stock daily

kitchen area with frying pans on exposed brick walls

(Image credit: TK Maxx)

The TK Maxx retail model is all about moving stock quickly! The in-house team buy daily and ship daily. The average store and online shop receives several deliveries per week, often daily, with each delivery containing thousands of items.

8. You can now shop online!

shopping store with glass walls and sliding glass door

(Image credit: TK Maxx)

Bargains at the click of a button – say no more. But the stock is not as broad as in store, so we still like to pay a visit in real life.

For those that love shopping online, there's a dedicated area on site 'TK Maxx Insider' to helping the customers get more out of the TK Maxx shopping experience. They have created a space with style tips, homeware guides, fashion trend updates and much more.

9. Bed, bath and beyond

From scented candles to fancy creams, the beauty brands on offer are far-reaching – from Elemis to Cowshed.

10. Fantastic savings on designer fashions

bicycle with bags and flowers

(Image credit: TBC)

Particularly denim and handbags. Of course they offer all manner of products, but we feel these two are the highlight. A good pair of jeans and a luxury handbag are all the more affordable thanks to TK Maxx's prices. With denim brands ranging from Diesel to J Brand, and hangbags on offer from Mulberry and Valentino – this is the place to invest in designer pieces.

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Who's joining the fan club with us?

P.s Did you know Homesense is the sister brand to TK Maxx – it's all the above but purely HOMES!!


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